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Local Name:
Former Name(s):
Evergrande Marine Park
May 2012
Construction Start:
15 Dec 2016
13 ha
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  7. IDEATTACK’s new project in Hainan, China, introduces the storytelling elements of a theme park to the oceanarium concept. Founders Natasha Varnica and Dan Thomas explain

    What is the project?
    The project is a themed marine animal park with aquarium, envisioned as highly immersive, entertaining and experiential destination. Seaworld Adventure Park is a high-end themed environment with rides, a “lifestyle complex” with an original dining and retail offer, a vacation leisure park and educational and interactive animal exhibit.

    Where is it?
    Seaworld Adventure Park is a part of the Ocean Flower Island project, a 380-hectare (939-acre) mega-tourism zone on an artificial archipelago off Hainan, China.

    What is your role on the project?
    IDEATTACK is creator of all aspects of this complex project, including the architecture and masterplan of the park; ride and show design; planning and design of animal exhibits; planning and design of dining and retail content and the creation of the unique aquatic exhibit programme.

    The team included marine-life specialists who selected the animal species for the park. Our job included aquatic engineering, sizing the animal exhibits, planning back-of-house animal care facilities and water, maintenance and utility considerations unique to aquatic park design.

    When does it open and how much is it costing?
    It opens at the end of 2017. The cost is $240m

    Who is the target audience?
    Domestic and international tourists to Hainan Island.

    Can you describe your design?
    The park features four distinct zones: Boardwalk Zone, Polar World Zone, Deep Sea Fantasy Zone and Tropical World Zone. The inspiration for this project stems from this exotic location of Ocean Flower Island and its surroundings as well as deep sea exploration, South Pole and North Pole expeditions and wildlife conservation research.

    What is the design’s aim?
    The goal was to make a new type of ocean park destination which combines a theme park and oceanarium with lifestyle and leisure qualities and experiences.

    What themes are present?
    Climate change issues, marine life preservation and ecological awareness topics are interwoven with the main themes and presented in a fun and exciting way as a part of the overall storyline.

    What makes it different?
    The park is conceived as a highly immersive, story-driven environment and not as a typical animal exhibit-based ocean park. As an immersive, entertaining and experiential destination it is closer to a theme park than a typical ocean park where emphasis is on aquatic exhibits and less on theme and storylines. Also, the lifestyle component, with customised retail and dining, is unique to this park.

    What is the centrepiece?
    There are several key points: the lake with its iconic tower, which is accessible from every part of the park; the Snow Mountain and Tropical Mountain and the 10,000sqm (108,000sq ft) indoor Grand Aquarium.

    The Boardwalk - Harbor Village
    Visitors arrive on a long wooden deck with pier-like buildings surrounded by water. On the left is a polar environment with snow-covered mountains, icebergs and frozen ocean. On the right, green mountains covered with tropical plants and exotic rockwork. The Boardwalk contains several F&B outlets in its Fisherman’s Village, a special effects show, a lighthouse, food carts and themed sitting areas. Performers add to the experience.

    Polar World - Snow Empire
    Polar World is a themed zone of the Seaworld Adventure Park dedicated to animals living in polar regions. The iconic Snow Mountain houses white whale and penguin exhibits, with the polar bear exhibit on its foothills. Other attractions include sea lions, walrus and seals, a 5D submarine ride, children’s waterplay area and special events area.

    Tropical World - South Sea Paradise
    Tropical World is themed on warmer climates with lush tropical landscape. The manatee exhibit and jungle river aquarium are located here. Other key live animal attractions include the parrot show, touch pool and flamingo, turtle and crocodile exhibits. There are also rides, restaurants and a special event area for weddings and corporate parties. Visitors can also see monkey trainers, snake charmers, tribal dancers, musicians, fire eaters and acrobats.

    Deep Ocean Fantasy - Empire of the Deep
    Deep Ocean Fantasy World is the largest of four thematic zones. One of its key attractions is the indoor Grand Aquarium housing diverse ocean life exhibits. The other major attraction is high-capacity dolphin stadium. There is also a 4D theatre, carousel, and lighthouse.

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    Fairyland Ocean Park

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