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  1. New info on the Scandinavian theme has been revealed!

    First the opening to the public will take place on Saturday, May 25, the press conference will be held on May 24

    Then the glacier that was on the left in the past will be in the new district on the right.

    The game stands will be smaller than in the old theme.

    Andersen Tales Tower will be the entrance to the new attraction

    The famous shark will be back but in another place of the theme with a bigger place to take pictures!

    The fish sandwich stand will also be back but in another place of the theme

    The terrace of the Fjord Restaurant will welcome visitors again!

    The buildings will be higher, they will have 2 floors because of the regulation and in protection against the fires, they will accomodate various room including rooms of rest for the personnel.

    A Rulantica store will be in the theme

    New terraces will be added

    The old fountain will also be back.

    The thematization will be more detailed.

    Rafting Fjord tunnel is in its final phase, it will be ready for the new season.

    Europa-Park anticipates that the facades along the Fjord Rafting Canal will be completed for the opening of the 44th season!

    Rulantica and Hotel Kronasar

  2. Following the submission of building permits, Europa-Park was given the green light on Monday 04 February by the municipality of Rust for the reconstruction of the attraction Piraten in Batavia and the new restaurant.

    New photos of the reconstruction of the attraction "Piraten in Batavia"

    In less than 2 months the park will open its doors for its 44th summer season.
    More and more preparations and tests are being carried out to ensure optimal safety.

    It is the turn of the EP-Express to carry out the tests, this started on February 14th

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    Michael Mack has been hinting at the new ride to be built under 'Scandinavia'


    Most likely guess is this

    I think it is a new dark ride or experience in the basement of Scandinavia. I think the theming will be a story of the ACE « Le Soleil des Abysses » (I don’t know the name in German) because it’s an ACE story which happened in Norway

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