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  1. Here's the only 'park' that ever opened in Dubailand:

  2. Is City of Arabia/IMG Worlds of Adventure actually an official Dubailand project? IMG is on the territory of the latter... or has the Dubailand brand been entirely abandoned when Tatweer went bust?

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    Global Village by Tatweer - satellite image shows the never completed, abandoned permanent part on the left:

    Source: Google Earth and DigitalGlobe

  4. So what's the future for this project?

  5. Thanks to The Theme Park Guy for the Dubailand movie.

  6. Now The Tiger Woods Dubai has been renamed as "The Trump World Golf Club, Dubai"

  7. Good news. But I believe the theme parks won't be revived apart from IMG Worlds of Adventure? That half-built Universal Studios park in the desert is such an embarrassment, why not continue on that?

  8. Dubailand's first theme park under construction right now (IMG Worlds of Adventure):

    Universal Studios Dubailand site office demolition:

  9. Park signboards now removed from the walls of the Dubailand sales center:

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