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    Dubailand is planning two new multi-million dirham projects in sports tourism and entertainment that it expects to announce this year, according to Khalid Al Malek, group chief executive officer of Dubai Properties Group (DPG)

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    I remember that when it was first announced back in 2005, there were going to be waterways throughout the Dubailand and also the monorail to connect all the four major projects within the Dubailand. I don't know what's the status of those waterways now, could anyone tell?

  3. Falcon City of Wonders in Dubailand will have some attractions after all?

    Falconcity of Wonders on Wednesday appoint Eng. Adnan Saffarini Office (EAS), one of the most prominent consultants in the Middle East, to design and supervise the Medium Pyramid, one of the main attractions in the mega development.

    The Medium Pyramid will be one of three pyramids, which will be built at the project. It will be located between the Grand Pyramid and Small Pyramid within the Pyramid Park area. Occupying a plot of 62,212 square metres (670,000 square feet), it will be part of a multi-functional complex which will feature luxury apartments, a large hotel, office space and residential luxury units as well as attractions which will be unveiled soon.

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    Dubailand update

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    Adding some photos of Miracle Garden ...

  6. 'Dubai Miracle' flower garden opened in Dubailand (finally, an attraction):


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    Marvel theme park is now under IMG theme park:

    Dubai Adventure Studios and the Meraas theme park development under 'Jebel Ali theme park cluster':

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    Marvel, where art thou?

    Can anyone tell where exactly the Marvel Adventure Park is supposed to be located here?

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    Several ambitious theme parks planned for the vast Dubailand development on the outskirts of the city were shelved after running into funding problems even before the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. But rebounding confidence in the emirate's tourism and property markets is encouraging developers to take a fresh look at the market.

    Universal Studios is earmarked for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid City by Emaar and Dubai Holding, while Sheikh Mohammed's own development company Meraas plans to develop five theme parks in Jebel Ali.

    Meraas' Dubai Adventure Studios fun park, plans for which were announced in December last year, will anchor the new destination and is expected to be completed by 2014. This will be followed by a theme park based around Bollywood movies, a park themed around water and marine life, a children's theme park and a "night safari" park themed around the adventures of the wild desert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasielMdc92 View Post
    I wonder if Universal Studios Dubai will still have the same plans for the rides that they had on the brochure when it was announced in 2007
    Screamscape says it will be more like Universal Studios Moscow:

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