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  1. So are they going to stop all amusement attractions and replace it with hotels?

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    Dubai is going all "Dubai" on us again, unveiling a plan to create a $1 billion "replica" of the Taj Mahal, which will include a 300-room, five-star hotel. Emphasis and quotations on the word replica due to the fact that Dubai's version of the iconic Indian structure will be four times larger than the original Taj Mahal.

    Is anyone surprised by this?

    This Taj Mahal is the most recent addition to the already in progress Falconcity of Wonders, a $35 billion-plus project located in Dubailand - a six-world theme park - featuring life-size reproductions of the Seven Wonders of the World (Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Piza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, etc.).

    We will keep you updated as construction begins and the photos begin to roll out. The estimated completion date is 2014, and we cannot wait to see what kind of over-the-top toys will be in the Taj and how much you'll have to pay to play with them.

  3. About all the lies that they had ALL the cash ring-fenced in the bank before starting the whole development? Liars & thieves!!!

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    Dubai plans to build replica of Taj Mahal

    IT'S the city of opulence - a sweeping desert dotted with luxurious hotels.

    But that's just not enough for glamorous Dubai - it's set to build a $US1 billion ($976 million) replica of the Taj Mahal.

    Dubbed "Taj Arabia", the massive complex will house a 300-room five-star hotel, apartments, restaurants, shops and offices.

    The developers hope it will be a destination for weddings.

    "The Taj is made as a monument of love and we hope to promote this in Dubai as a major wedding destination," developer Arun Mehra said.

    It will sit within the 227-square kilometre Dubailand, which the city hopes will be "the world's greatest theme park". Home to mock versions of the seven wonders of the world, it will be twice the size of all the Disneyland and Disney World resorts combined.

    The Taj will be part of the Falcon City section, a large area of land designed to resemble a falcon spreading its wings. It's due for completion in 2014.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Has this been posted already? Marvel theme park map!
    That was for the old Marvel World, not for the new Marvel Adventure theme park

  6. Has this been posted already? Marvel theme park map!

  7. Historic failure. It's a hilarious read.

    1 April 2007
    The ambitious Dubailand project is progressing rapidly, with work already underway at 24 "mega-projects" across the development, according to the project's senior officials.
    26 June 2007
    "[Dubailand will] contribute to Dubai's vision to attract 15 million tourists by 2010. Of that, Universal Studios is expected to attract about 3.3 million visitors in its first year, eventually rising to five million a year," said Khalid Al Malik, CEO of Tatweer.
    21 November 2007
    The Aqua Dunya Resort & Residences, one of the anchor projects for Dubailand, is on schedule for construction to start in Spring 2008. Steve Tight, CEO of Al Sharq Investment, the company behind the epic mixed-use themed resort, said overall site gradings were being finished to form the basis for construction.
    19 April 2008
    The CEO of Dubailand said last week that the megaproject has not faced any major setbacks. Mohammed Alhabbai said that by 2010, many of the 22 theme-based projects that form part of the development's first phase of construction will be welcoming visitors. ""Big projects like Motor City will be fully operational next year, and City of Arabia by 2010," he said.
    3 May 2008
    Yet the project's CEO Mohammed Alhabbai is confident that many of the attractions will be operational by 2010, with the entire development completed by 2020.
    He says that there will be zero-tolerance on delays. "We want to go ahead as planned and will not entertain companies that delay the start of construction work," he said.If there is a need, we will do it ourselves. The first phase will launch on 10 December, 2010. We will have key projects operating by this time. And the entire project will be completed by 2020.
    7 May 2008
    "I think most of those projects if they don't secure the materials, they might be delayed but it won't be a major delay," Mohammed Alhabbai, senior vice president for Dubailand, said.
    Construction on all 24 projects is scheduled to start by the end of this year, with most of the projects already on ground, he added.
    7 May 2008
    “We are very confident… we are right on schedule in most of the project and we will surprise the people who say we are not on target,” Mohammed Alhabbai said.
    13 June 2008
    As well as the vast range of internationally-acclaimed attractions brands set for Dubailand, Al Habbai revealed that the destination would also feature a Snow Dome, previously believed to be on hold. "There is gate levelling on site, it's already been started," he said.
    6 February 2009
    "As of now, we're reviewing projects which are not under construction yet. We're going to go ahead with the ones that are," says Al Habbai. Universal Studios, The Tiger Woods Dubai and Asia Asia are our main priorities. For example, he says the Formula One theme park - F1-X - at Motor City and Universal Studios at Universal City "are on track".
    "Universal Studios we're forecasting will be completed by end of 2010 / 2011 and Formula One theme park by the end of this year. They're in the stage of construction; 70% is ready," reveals Al Habbai.
    14 March 2009
    SM Syed Khalil, group executive director, Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group, discusses the development of the City of Arabia project and the future of Dubailand.
    Q: Has the City of Arabia project been affected by the slowdown?
    A: We are going according to plan. The Mall of Arabia will be ready and open by 2010.
    23 May 2011
    “Dubailand is currently in the process of evaluating new projects,” said Khalid Al Malik, CEO of Dubai Properties Group, at the 4th Arabian Business Forum on Monday. “We are renegotiating the terms of the contracts and the other issue is the size of these projects – so we’re reviewing the contracts to make it easier for investors.”
    “You will hear good news [soon]," he said. “We will have something to announce [in terms of the revised masterplan] this year.”
    2 October 2011
    The mega-project, which boasted tie-ups with Universal Studios and Legoland, will announce details of the projects by the second or third quarter of 2012, said Khalid Al Malik.
    “We are currently in talks with three other investors,” he said. “They [include] a couple of investors from the region who would like to start projects in Dubailand. “We are in serious negotiations with them, hopefully next year [we can expect announcements], in the first and second quarter.”

  8. Why won't you guys complain on other theme parks around the world that are abandoned?! I believe in Dubai and I am positively sure we are going to receive good news later this year or next year Dubai is recovering from the financial crises that MOST OF THE WORLD went through. This thread should remain in the construction board until it is confirmed that Dubailand will never be constructed.
    The reason why everyone bashes Dubailand is that it was a very, very prominent project, bombastically marketed. They were involving big brands and everybody had the highest expectations, but then it all quietly disappeared. There was never an acknowledgment of the fact that ALL theme parks had been cancelled and/or missed the deadlines. I don't think anyone hates it, but what goes around, comes around.

  9. So many haters
    Why won't you guys complain on other theme parks around the world that are abandoned?! I believe in Dubai and I am positively sure we are going to receive good news later this year or next year Dubai is recovering from the financial crises that MOST OF THE WORLD went through. This thread should remain in the construction board until it is confirmed that Dubailand will never be constructed.

  10. Since when is showing one's knees or shoulders considered a lot of skin? That's ridiculous, medieval thinking. If they want to force their women to be covered from head to toe then that's their issue, but to expect to force tourists to do so in a country where the temperatures easily hit 40 degrees is absurd and irrational. For theme parks, it's just too hot, the parks would either have to be entirely indoors or shut down for six months of the year.

    As for the country having it all, I've been to Dubai and besides the shopping malls and some interesting architecture, it really doesn't offer much. There are no theme parks or shows or attractions. The beaches are boring with no surf. There is no sense of Arab or Islamic history or culture at all (go to Egypt or Jordan or Oman for that). It's just mindless, modern consumerism. There is no nature either except for dust, sand and dirt. I appreciate that they are attempting to diversify their economy away from oil, but their perceived religious and cultural restrictions will kill their nascent tourist industry. Note that majority-Muslim Malaysia imposes none of these draconian restrictions that are imposed in the Arabian Gulf, and still maintain a family atmosphere in their tourism and country. The UAE should put their money into something else besides tourism, they're throwing their money away into a black hole that won't work (imagine what kind of artwork will be allowed in the Abu Dhabi Guggenheim? Nothing will be religiously permissible, and many artists are boycotting it already due to labor issues in the UAE).

    Dubailand is going nowhere and should be removed from this construction board.

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