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  1. rashed344y is offline Curious Chap
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    Mar 2021
    New satellite images show that the DUBAILAND Experience Center has been demolished.

    23-10-2022 image:

    28-04-2023 image:

  2. Spooder_Man is offline Park Investigator
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    Mar 2021
    Is there anything else there that was made and left to melt in the sun? Like coaster tracks and building facades or are these the only things ever made?

  3. rashed344y is offline Curious Chap
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    Mar 2021

    Dubailand sales office

    Here are some photos from Aspen creations website ( ) showing the manufacturing of the objects around the office from around 2006.

    The Space Shuttle

    The volcano

    Due to the limit, i cant post more but you can view more images on

  4. The old Dubailand Sales Center

  5. January 2019 update on the F1-X track.

  6. DocBev is offline Park Investigator
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    Nov 2016
    "Dubai: Union Properties to build racing theme park"

    Plans for a motor racing theme park to be built on Dubailand were renewed last week. For more information, see the article through the link below.


  7. Fox and IMG happen to be on Dubailand territory, but the 'Dubailand' theme park brand is dead in the water.

    Look at the domains. points to an empty page on their web server: is for sale:

  8. The UAE has gone nuts again. They are repeating their Dubailand mistake. Nothing's wrong with a couple of quality theme parks, but Legoland, Motiongate, Bollywood, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Ferrari World 2.0, Warner Bros Yas Island and Fox World Dubai opening one after another is just nuts. It'll never happen as planned.

  9. 20th Century is indeed on the territory of Dubailand: it means Dubailand is back and alive with IMG Worlds of Adventure and Twentieth Century Fox World. But what about Universal Studios?

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