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Local Name:
دبي باركس آند ريزورتس
07 Sep 2014
Construction Start:
Apr 2014
18 Dec 2016
232 ha
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    “The group has also entered into an agreement with, amongst others, Meraas Malls and Hospitality LLC to develop and operate Legoland Dubai under this operating model, with launch planned for 2016,” Merlin said.

    “The initial development and construction of Legoland Dubai is being funded by third parties. Merlin has the right to manage and operate the park for an initial term of 25 years, once open,” it added.

    The contract was signed in 2012, the prospectus information said.

    In a statement, issued in June, it was said Meraas has launched Motion Gate, featuring a movie-based theme park, a Bollywood themed park and a Legoland theme park that will be located within its master-development in Jebel Ali.

  2. Legoland Operator Merlin Entertainments Plans IPO in London
    The company is developing a Legoland site in Dubai and has identified potential locations in Japan and South Korea. It also has longer term plans to expand in China.

    Legoland Dubai will be part of the Jebel Ali theme park cluster. Rumor is it that Universal Studios will be moved to that location as well.

  3. interesting that the Dubai projects are finally restarting once again .

  4. Get in!! Great news, thanks for the pics

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    Construction has commenced!

  6. Project moving forward, construction will commence very soon!

  7. LI
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    From LinkedIn sources:

    Riva Park Projects LLC is a subsidiary company of The Riva Group of Companies which is a diversified design and development group with a physical presence that spans Europe, USA, the Middle East and Far East Asia. Riva Park Projects LLC specializes in the planning and design of theme parks, resorts & special attraction venues including Family Entertainment Centres (FEC).
    Projects include Dubai Adventure Studios Theme Park, Bollywood Theme Park, Gaming FEC and prototypical projects code named, Velo, Epicenter, Directors Park and Madman projects.
    and from July 2013: ensure timely and efficient responses together with fast track reactive claim and settlement response on the construction of Dubai's New Theme Parks at Jebel Ali near Dubai with Riva Park Projects, a new name in theme park construction internationally.

  8. Meydan Group and the Sobha Group have announced plans to develop a leisure, retail and residential complex, while Meraas hopes to complete the first part of a $2.7 billion complex of five theme parks by end-2014.

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    Location of the site office and the future Bollywood, Legoland and Adventure Studios theme parks (marked XXX on the picture, just above Arabian Channel):

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