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Local Name:
دبي باركس آند ريزورتس
07 Sep 2014
Construction Start:
Apr 2014
18 Dec 2016
232 ha
  1. What did the CEO say?

  2. Dubai Parks' CEO speaking:

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    Steady construction progress has been reported at the project; 17% of work on the total development has been conducted, and engineering and manufacturing elements for the rides are 40% complete.

    Infrastructure work is 45% complete at Legoland, where piling activities are currently in progress. Moreover, rides for the theme park are ready to be shipped in from Europe.

    Things are also progressing steadily at Bollywood Parks, with 30% of the projects infrastructure now complete.
    Read more here:

  4. From Dubai Parks and Resorts' Twitter page:

    Legoland Dubai:

    Bollywood Park:

  5. Amazing string of updates! Thanks to all who provided.

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    The overall construction of the 25 million-square-foot park is about 17 per cent complete, including the underground and facilities work, the company said. Completion rates vary for individual segments, such as the engineering and rides works, which are 40 per cent finished....

  8. "Dubai to get Lego-themed hotel as theme park expands"

    A Lego-themed hotel will be built in Dubai as part of plans to expand the Legoland Dubai theme park in 2018, it has been confirmed.

    Legoland Dubai, which is expected to open to the public next year, will occupy approximately 27 hectares of space, and will include over 40 rides, shows and attractions set in six themed lands – City, Adventure, Kingdom, Create, Factory, and Miniland, featuring buildings and landmarks from the Middle East.

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