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دبي باركس آند ريزورتس
07 Sep 2014
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Apr 2014
18 Dec 2016
232 ha
  1. I cant address 1,2,3 but item No. 4 is absolutely incorrect. More research should be done before making statements like this
    I was in the room with most of these decision makers. When you have to explain basic math concepts it's very worrisome about their capability levels and actual industry experience.

  2. Well we will have to just wait till October to judge.

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    I cant address 1,2,3 but item No. 4 is absolutely incorrect. More research should be done before making statements like this

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    Looking good at the end of January!


  5. Anonymous
    @tpark1 got refused by them by any chance?
    Anyone who has worked on that project for any modicum of time knows the following truths:

    1) They are out of money.
    2) The cut necessary costs related to the construction of the parks going for absolute minimums.
    3) The parks are being built too fast with basically slave labor involved.
    4) Most of the decision makers on the project have little to no theme park or build experience.

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    A different view of the dragon arriving at LEGOLAND this week.

    You’ll find the four metre-long scarlet reptile at the start of the Dragon rollercoaster, where it will be bobbing its animated head with glowing eyes while smoke billows out of its nose.

  7. Dubai Parks and Resorts will adopt Urbanize technology

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    The first Lego model for Legoland Dubai has arrived.

    At almost four metres long, weighing more than half a tonne and made from more than 230,000 LEGO® bricks, this Red Dragon model will be one of the largest models in the Park. - See more at:

  9. So I visted DPR's website and saw some details listed about some theatrical and show attractions in motiongate:

    Step Up Dubai:
    motiongate™ Dubai presents an all-new theatrical stage production based on the Step Up film series. In this spectacular new show, we will need Singers, Dancers, and Trampoline Wall Performers.

    Backlot Beat:
    Backlot Beat is motiongate™ Dubai’s signature pop music group. Singing and Dancing to today’s hits, Backlot Beat requires highly skilled male and female singer/dancers.

    Dr. Janosz Poha, Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stanz, Dr. Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore entertain resort guests. This show requires strong actors who can dance and resemble the stated characters.

    How To Train Your Dragon:
    Bring Berk to Dubai with the help of Hiccup and Astrid as they introduce us to their beloved friend Toothless. This show requires two live actors (Hiccup and Astrid) and a costumed character (Toothless the Nightfury Dragon).

    MADAGASCAR – King Julien’s Sideshow Stomp:
    In the ultimate dining party King Julien (5’3”- 5’5”), Alex the Lion (6’- 6’2”), Gloria the Hippo (6’- 6’2”), and dancers entertain our restaurant audience while they dine. This show requires dancers who can bring the energy and fun of these infamous Madagascar characters to life!

    MADAGASCAR – Operation Penguin Shake:
    The Penguins of Madagascar come to Dubai in the ultimate covert mission adventure that is sure to entertain restaurant guests. Penguins beware as the nefarious Capitaine Chantel Dubois attempts to foil their plans. This show features all four Penguins and a live actor (Chantel Dubois). • Kowalski (5’2″- 5’4″) • Private (4’10”- 5’0″) • Skipper (5’0″- 5’2″) • Rico (5’0″- 5’2″)

    Kung Fu Panda Academy:
    In the ultimate demonstration of Kung Fu via this show, join Master Po (5’11”- 6’) and Master Shifu as they impart their knowledge and training of Kung Fu to park guests. This show requires a puppeteer (Master Shifu) and a costumed character (Po, 5’11”- 6’).

    The Smurf Village Playhouse Spectacular:
    Brainy Smurf entertains Smurf Village guests. This show requires an actor who can voice the role of Brainy Smurf.

    Shrek’s Far Far Away:
    Fairy Godmother (live actor) is back selling her potions and working her magic on park guests who drop by for a visit.
    Shrek’s Swamp:

    Join Shrek, Fiona and Puss in Boots as immerse you in the world of Shrek! Costume Characters (Mascot) include: a. Shrek (6’2” – 6’4”) ; b. Ogre Fiona (5’7” – 5’9”) c. Puss In Boots (5’0” – 5’2”).
    motiongate™ Dubai Backlot Film Crew:

    The motiongate™ Dubai Back Lot Film Crew will shoot various scenes around the park throughout the day. The short and comedic skits will offer a peak inside the movie making business. The crew requires strong male and female improv actors.

    Other details on website.

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