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Local Name:
دبي باركس آند ريزورتس
07 Sep 2014
Construction Start:
Apr 2014
18 Dec 2016
232 ha

  2. Tala is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Nov 2015
    Grabbed some photos the motiongate website:

    Again, source taken from the link below:

  3. Website added more info includes all attractions and dining options:

  4. Tala is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Nov 2015
    More info on the annual passes and ticket prices:

    Motiongate Dubai has announced its annual pass at Dh865, Bollywood Parks Dubai at Dh755, Legoland Dubai at Dh765.

    Visitors can choose to top-up their single park annual pass to include annual access to the Legoland Water Park which has 20 water slides, attractions and Lego building experiences including a wave pool, Build-A-Raft-River and a Duplo toddler play area. Prices for these single park plus the water park combinations are: Dh1,095 for motiongate Dubai; Bollywood Parks Dubai for Dh985; Legoland Dubai at Dh995.

    The annual pass also offers a 15 per cent discount on food, beverages and merchandise and many more. The Dubai Parks and Resorts annual pass is priced at Dh2,495.

    Those looking for a luxury VIP theme parks experience can purchase the exclusive VIP Annual Pass.The VIP Annual Pass is priced at Dh6,995.

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    Do you guys think that we should make a separate thread for Six Flags Dubai because it's just "announced" and not "under construction" like the rest of Dubai Parks and Resorts?

  6. Dubai Parks and Resorts will open its mega rights issue on May 4th.

  7. I suppose it will be doable if they bring in enough resources to help them finish.
    And concept art never really lives up to reality.
    Just hope they don't cut any corners!

  8. Tala is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Nov 2015
    Some screenshots from the video posted below...:

  9. Actually this brochure is more digital art than reality. I would be concerned that in the construction photos there is very little themeing shown, and it seems that there are no show elements installed yet. Based upon experience, being 6 months out from opening this will be quite a challenge to make October. However, I do wish them all the luck.

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