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دبي باركس آند ريزورتس
07 Sep 2014
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Apr 2014
18 Dec 2016
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  1. I'm very very disappointed with how LEGOLAND and Bollywood park turned out to be. The finishing in LEGOLAND with fungus landscaped areas, to a ghost town of a theme park.

    I took my kids with me, thinking they would enjoy. Instead, they requested to leave the park from how bored they were and my kids are 8 and 6 years old, both boys. We then went to Bollywood Land expecting something to fix the disappointment of LEGOLAND, just to be even more disappointed. It is beautifully themed but horrible offerings. I am not a racist or anything, but for me, personal hygiene is a very important factor. As soon as we got into Bollywood Land, the smell was as if I had just landed into Mumbai, who ever has gone there would understand how bad that smell is. The attractions were cheap fun fair and Mall 4D boxes with just screens.

    The food throughout the parks is OVERLY overpriced with horrible taste, paying 50 AED for three fried chickens, and they only gave us tiny breast pieces which were super dry and without flavor. I would rather go to KFC and pay 20 AED for huge pieces that taste better. Then we went to get an ice cream and paid 10 AED for a London dairy ice cream that normally costs 2 AED.

    The best part is the parking, they offered me two options - valet and normal. I was shocked when they asked us to pay to park, but anyway we first thought let's use the valet because maybe the normal parking is too far from the parks. They then mentioned we would be paying 150 AED for valet and it is not shaded or we can pay 50 AED and get non-valet but shaded, so we said never mind let's just pay the 50 AED and walk. We were shocked that literally the shaded parking was maybe 2 meters away from the valet, so we were about to pay 3 times the parking price for nothing.

    I was doing my calculations, if I had to buy the annual pass for me my wife and two kids, it would cost us 9,980 AED. For that price I would use the most of it, so for every public holiday and weekends we would be planning to come there, and the parking itself would cost 7,200 AED, which means I would be paying over 17,000 AED for a third rate theme park? No thanks...

    I'll continue to stick with Ferrari world, IMG park, and even Global Village, even if I added all three of these parks together and got an annual pass it would be cheaper than DPR.

    Oh forgot to mention this, so as we went on LEGOLAND website they mentioned they had 40 rides and attractions only to learn every person wearing a costume was a ride and attraction too, so in total I saw maybe 7 rides. I want to see these 100 rides and attractions that were promised. And in front of Bollywood Land they have an Indian night club, I thought they are building a family theme park?

    I would rate the parks 4/10.

  2. Bollywood Park is open

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    It has already started.

    Raed Kajoor Al Nuaimi, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Parks and Resorts, said, “We are delighted to announce that construction has commenced on the region’s first Six Flags branded theme park."

  4. When exactly will construction on the Six Flags park commence?

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    yes it's to the left of the entrance.

  6. That Mack roller coaster is part of Motiongate?

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    The Mack launched coaster Capitol Bullet Train has finally gone vertical

  8. Riverland:

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