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Local Name:
دبي باركس آند ريزورتس
07 Sep 2014
Construction Start:
Apr 2014
18 Dec 2016
232 ha
  1. There's absolutely no way this will be open in time. Structures aren't even completed. they need at least two-three more months.

  2. Judging from the pictures, it's absolutely impossible to have the three parks open by end of next month.

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    Looking ahead and given demand and growth projections of the leisure and entertainment sector in the Middle East, work is now under for a second phase development of the theme park destination to not only cater to the regional but also a global market.

    “We are at the end of schematic design and have broken ground on the construction of Six Flags Dubai,” Priddy said. A Six Flags themed park has been announced for phase two and is scheduled to open in late 2019. Dubai Parks and Resorts is tracking its project well and keeping a close eye on inauguration.

    “Our project looks like a city that is fast coming up and some of the iconic structures can be seen from the Shaikh Zayed Road. What I like most about building a theme park is seeing the amazement of park guests when they see attractions that they’ve never experienced before for the first time,” Priddy said.
    Source: Blooloop

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    I see some paving going down. It will be a race. Lots of windows etc still to install. Maybe a bigger race

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    The Zombieland ride has now been topped off


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  7. The river is flowing at Riverland !

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    I think we better wait instead of guessing, inshallah everything goes well

  9. Looking over the fence, they have a long way to go. No way they will open all three parks in 40 days from now. Maybe one of them, if they are lucky.

    There is also no way they will reach their targeted visitor numbers. PriceWaterHouse has been paid to predict 18 million visitors annually for the UAE theme parks. If you split 18 million between 7 parks, that’s 2,6 million per park. I don’t know what the current top 10 worldwide is, but for sure it would put a lot of the UAE parks in the top 25. Won't happen.

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    New images of Motiongate Dubai construction progress:


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