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Local Name:
دبي باركس آند ريزورتس
07 Sep 2014
Construction Start:
Apr 2014
18 Dec 2016
232 ha
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    More Motiongate Dubai news as released by Lionsgate:

    ...describe the roller coaster as being themed as one of the high-speed trains that connects the Capitol to the Districts. It also described a "Star Tours" style simulator attraction that would take guests on a Hovercraft tour of the world of Panem.
    ...the How To Train Your Dragon ride will actually not be a 3D theater, but instead be an inverted dark ride / powered coaster style attraction from Mack Rides just like the one they built at Europa Park themed to Arthur and the Invisibles. This area will also feature a Viking themed Swing Ship flat ride as well. Elsewhere in the Dreamworks zone, I'm told that the park's Shrek themed ride will be a trackless dark ride with extensive use of projection mapping for the visuals.

  2. It would have been nice if they had used the same set design from the movie, but at least they've got the sign right.

    Photos courtesy of Luci Romberg

  3. Site:



    Lovers of all things undead will be thrilled to experience Zombieland Blast Off. Inspired by the Sony Pictures Studios’ hit Zombieland, motiongate™ Dubai will have a 56 metre-high free fall tower, set in the post-zombie apocalypse area of the theme park.
    motiongate™ Dubai guests will venture into an abandoned funhouse, fleeing from zombies which roam this area of the park. As they walk through the once bright and happy funhouse, guests are now faced with barricaded doors, scrawled survival tips, and improvised weapons. As the zombies begin to close in, the only way to escape is straight up! Riders are sent screaming into the sky over the Pacific Playland Boardwalk on a thrilling drop tower experience.


    Step into a supernatural universe inspired by the blockbuster Sony Pictures Studio franchise, Underworld. motiongate™ Dubai will offer a multi-sensory 4D theatre attraction which takes audiences on a non-stop, cinematic thrill with the powerful vampire warrior.

    Guests begin their mysterious journey by entering the courtyard of a production soundstage in the Sony Pictures Studio zone of motiongate™ Dubai. Passing through the doors, guests find themselves in an entirely different world. The battle between vampires and lycans has endured through the ages. Selene has just escaped from captivity when the world has declared war on vampires and the government has ordered a mass cleansing. In a desperate search for her love Michael, and the daughter she never met, Selene fights off monstrous lycans. The audience quickly finds themselves in the middle of a supernatural war in this action-packed theatrical 4D experience.

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    Is it possible for all three parks to open on October 2016?

  5. That picture posted on the 16th is from New Jersey.

  6. I thought there was supposed to be 16 rides and attractions. See here:

    Based on the Attractions tab I counted the following:

    Ride/Attraction (5): Don 3D ride, Lagaan (maybe?), Sholay shooter game, You be the Star, and simulated flight.

    If we add the shows including what reads as "streetmosphere":
    Shows (8): Magik, Train Dance, stunt show, Folk/Regional Dance Show, theatre live shows during the day, theatre live shows during the night, multi sensory theatre attraction, and live dances.

    ... a grand total of 13 things to see/do and no coaster.

    Ticket price for this park better be LOW because it's already reading like a disappointing experience.

  7. Screenshots from the link in the last post. Good to see the October 2016 opening announcement.

  8. Bollywood Park website:

  9. I seriously doubt it. That looks very old school

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