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دبي باركس آند ريزورتس
07 Sep 2014
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Apr 2014
18 Dec 2016
232 ha
  1. This is savage I saw a lot of thoose recently!

  2. I was there a week ago I saw they were working on something on the chainlift or something I think they are still testing or there’s some problem up there I hope this opens !

  3. Hilarious advertising campaign by Yas Island at the Dubai Parks and Resorts exit, trying to lure drivers away from DPR to continue driving to Warner Bros World on Yas.

  4. I wonder what's happening with the Bombay express? When I was there over Christmas they were conducting test runs with one of the engineers stating they hoped late Jan/early Feb opening. I believe it still hasn't opened even though its built for almost an year.

    Any thoughts or info anyone?

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    More of Legoland Hotel Dubai

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    Legoland Hotel Dubai

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    I totally agree, the location might be perfect for the future.

    I still see that the parks need to be enhanced, there's a lack of good shows, and still the rides don't meet Universal or Six Flags and Europa Park standard-- less thrilling, less high rides, and needs more vibes and life inside the parks.

    I hope Bollywood Parks merges with Motiongate as one park and change the area to Arabian theme with known Hollywood Arab characters like Sindbad and Ala Alden and other famous cartoons and films from Hollywood.

    Or adding Universal Studios as part of the park will create huge difference in number of visitors.

    Also Legoland, compared to the one in Denmark, still needs progress and expansion.

    Maybe my vision is too high but it must be like that to be successful. Residents of the UAE have been to Disney and Universal and all major theme parks in the world. Dubai must provide to UAE residents and tourists the same experience or even better.

    I still see hope for DPR and I love the place so much. Excited for the new expansion. Let's see, inshallah.

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