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Local Name:
Остров Мечты
27 Nov 2015
Construction Start:
17 Mar 2016
29 Feb 2020
26 ha
  1. Amiran Mutsoev, shareholder, the board member of REGIONS Group, said that the

    live show for the world's largest indoor theme park " Dream Island " will be developed by the show production company HASBAS Entertainment, which has designed productions of such famous awards as the Oscars and Grammys. JSC REGIONS-Entertainment, a part of the REGIONS Group, signed a contract with the HASBAS Entertainment production company to develop a creative concept of a live show in the Dream Island park.

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    A new article came out with details about Dream Island, including plans for an Intamin roller coaster and a "Soarin"-like ride


  3. (Cannes –15 March, 2017) – REGIONS-Entertainment today release a licensing agreement with Sanrio GmbH to set up a Hello Kitty café, retail and attraction at the upcoming Europe`s largest indoor Theme Park ‘Dream Island’.
    “We are happy to partner with a large and famous company Sanrio GmbH on our fascinating project. Hello Kitty character is something very different and popular in our country and it is a pleasure for us to invite it to the Dream Island and to let guests of our Park enjoy the meeting with the most favorites characters of Sanrio” shareholder, the board member of REGIONS Group, Amiran Mutsoev.

  4. It's always been a shaky deal. There was a MoU, but nothing definite signed.

  5. What exactly happened to the DreamWorks IP deal? Was there ever a deal? I can clearly recall how three (!) DreamWorks indoor parks were announced years ago, in three different Russian cities.

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    More details have been revealed about Dream Island. The indoor theme park is on track for a 2018 completion. It seems that Sony is the main IP source with the The Smurfs having an entire area just like Motiongate Dubai plus already established by another poster, another ride/area will be Hotel Transylvania themed. In addition Hello Kitty will also be an IP used in the theme park. Plenty of more details and even a video of the construction progress can be found in the links below:

    Construction progress:

    Scale model:

    Sources: and and

  7. It's a bit confusing, but it looks like the DreamWorks licensing deal didn't fly with Regions Group, which is building Dream Island pictured below:

    Most of the characters, which will appear at the theme park, are world-famous: visitors will meet legendary Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; charismatic monsters from Hotel Transylvania; The Smurfs, Mowgli and Baloo, and many others.

    ...even though this recent article suggests that Dream Island will have a DreamWorks section:

    More than 60 percent of the space of the park will be allocated to Russian cartoon characters, and the rest to international characters – the company has signed licensing agreements with three major studios, including DreamWorks Animation, on the use of their cartoon characters.

    Parallely, DreamWorks has signed a licensing deal with Russian gaming company Innova to establish a DreamPlay indoor children's park in the same mall as KidZania Moscow (which is also run by Innova):

    Construction is set to begin January 2017, with DreamPlay opening its doors to customers in the first quarter of 2018. Within its first year of operation, DreamPlay expects to have more than 450,000 customers. Its rides and shows will be in part inspired by characters from DreamWorks Animation films, such as Shrek and Kung Fu Panda.

  8. If not DreamWorks, which IPs will go into this park?

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  10. That hub area looks very nice. Without the DreamWorks license they will have a lot more freedom on different themed areas and rides. Let's hope this gets built.

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