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Local Name:
Nov 2015
Construction Start:
Jan 2016
01 Jul 2021
31 ha
  1. I can't find any progress reports or construction pictures whatsoever, not even in Chinese.

  2. Some artwork depicting Shanghai Bund movie theme park and a ride. © Gary Goddard Design

    The second pic shows the “Triad Gangster Chase” ride:

    Inspired by Shanghai stories and legends of the infamous Triad, is located within the new Bund theme park. The attraction will take guests on a wild adventure through Shanghai’s dark underworld.

  3. The Goddard Group was retained to design the massive "Shanghai Bund" movie studio and theme park resort (set to open in 2016,) located in Hengdian, China, a few hours from Shanghai. Mr. Goddard said, "As a film director myself, we were thrilled with this project on several levels. First, to re-create The Bund in its pre-war condition was a designer's dream assignment. We are literally recreating a major international city in its pre-war state, making it a suitable shooting location for a host of motion picture productions. In addition, we also melded many other areas of old Shanghai into this attraction, as part of an overall Shanghai studio backlot."

    He adds, "We were able to work with the Hengdian Studios team to design a backlot that would greatly facilitate shooting within multiple areas, simultaneously. Beyond that, and based upon our many years of designing major attractions for Universal Studios in Los Angeles and Florida, we were able to blend-in a 'working studio tour' with themed attractions hidden within several sound stages. In this manner, the site will be able to function simultaneously both as a working movie studio and a tourist attraction."

    Said Mr. Jeffs, "The new studio and movie park will be home to several large-scale themed rides, shows, and studio tours, designed to transport guests back to The Bund's golden era. These attractions are based upon classic Chinese motion picture genres and styles, and are sure to make this park's entertainment offerings truly unique."

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    Dream Bund of Hengdian World Studios

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