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  1. The attraction is opening on July 10th

  2. I read about the wi-fi thing a few years ago when Toy Story Mania opened and thought it sounded crazy too, but this article explains it pretty well:

  3. Ratatouille Ride = Mystic Manor = Poohs Hunny Hunt. And on top of all this it's Paris in Paris. Is that creative? No, monsieur.

    New Photos by Disney and More:

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    Here's a panorama (from Monday) of the aera

    photo by Philippep62 on DisneyCentralPlaza

    A former colleague of mine in Disneyland Paris told that Philippe Gas (current DLP CEO) is planning to open Ratatouille in May or June 2014

    The restaurant is likely to be called Le Bistrot "Chez Rémy"

    There should be 42 vehicles, with wi-fi control (wich is pretty surprising), going by group of three

    Next I'll gather information taken from a meeting with Joe Schott, Director General Adjoint Operations of Disneyland Paris since december 2009.

  5. The official name of the ride will be "Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémi" or in English "Ratatouille: Remi’s Totally Crazy Adventure"!

  6. Just like California Adventure in California right?

  7. That's for the lazy tourist that doesn't want to visit "the real Paris".

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    Paris in Paris? hurmmm, not so excited about that.

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