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  1. March 25th, 2022 would be the perfect opening date.

    It is quite possible that they will first do a sneak peek or a silence opening and see where it goes and then on April 12th, 2022 the 30th birthday a grand opening. The timing fits perfectly.

  2. It’s insane that after we will get a refurbished roller coaster and a new very short "web“ Shooter with four screens (Maus au Chocolat in Phantasialand opened in 2011 and is close to 7 minutes long whereas web will probably be around 3 minutes…), we have to wait again for three years to get another attraction. Meanwhile they increase prices etc.

    I just hope they announce something new for the main Disneyland Park. They refurbished so much and there are enough unused concepts.


    Link to comments made about the Quinjet experience ride eventually being at the Stark Expo in Hong Kong plus both Avengers Campuses (Cali and Paris)

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    Currently the Disneyland Hotel is getting stripped, visible from the park.

  5. Indeed The Disneyland Hotel is closed for more than one year now due to the pandemic... but the big refurbishment work has not really started and the rumours say it could be closed for about 2 years and/or maybe re open for the future Paris 2024 Oympic games.

  6. This may be completely the wrong place to ask this but I would like to know... as the construction started on the Disneyland hotel in January and that they haven't announced an expected end date just yet from what I can work out.

    Is it worth me waiting for it to reopen, does anyone know when that might be? I do love the idea of staying in the Disneyland Hotel.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Luca View Post
    No, stop saying the construction is not progressing well, the land won’t open in summer 2022, stop saying that, I’m working at Avengers Campus, at this moment, the land will open on March 25, 2022
    Now this is some great news! And I don't get why people pretend it's going badly. Construction seems to be going so fast the past few months.

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    It was about time, but they finally announced a rebrand for all the Pixar attractions in the Studios Park. Toon Town (which was miserable to begin with) will probably be reused with a different meet and greet spot. This also means that Aladdin's carpet ride sticks out like a sour thumb even more. Just for aesthetics and atmosphere, I hope they relocate Cars Quatre to the road trip attraction and change the complete area to something Nemo themed. It's probably the worst part in both parks. Just take inspiration from Tokyo Disney's Arielle lagoon. It would have been perfect for Paris too (especially because of our bad weather)

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    At this construction speed, I don't think the campus will be open before August or September next year...


  10. I’m wondering if those diagonal lines are diffusers, and they’ll be lit by LEDs on vertical bars in the gaps between. Can’t think of any structural reason for them, so I’d assume they’re something to do with the effect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    I think rather than a high-def screen it will just be a lighting effect through the cheese-grater textured panels they're putting up at the moment. Not sure if the LED lights are installed already on the posts sticking out from behind the panels? Just a guess though.

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