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    Except if notified, all information, rumors and pictures come from DisneyCentralPlaza, a french board.

    Disneyland Park
    Main Street USA
    Not much to say, except for a few improvements for Dreams, elements may be projected on Main Street Walls.
    Source: Shareholders round-table with Philippe Gas, Disneyland Paris CEO


    - Space Mountain Mission 2: News harness are coming soon. There may be a retheming of some parts of the station in order to fit with the new train model. There might also be a new sound system.

    - Captain Eo and Pizza Planet Restaurant are finally closed.

    - Star Tours 2 will eventually come. When is the question. A strong rumor remains: the creation of a tiny land on ... STAR WARS! It's only a rumor, but there are many clues. Star Tours needs its upgrade. And to promote it, a new land would be awesome. Now that's there is space with the two elements mentioned above, there might be a Tatooine (sorry, I only know the french name of this planet) Cantina on the site of Pizza Planet, and an indoor jedi academy in Captain EO. Philippe Gas recently talk about ST, and he said they needed to do something with it. But there is more. On April 12, the day DLP turned 20, we had a masterclass with Tony Baxter. When we asked the question "If you have the opportunity to expand a land, wich one would it be?", he answered Discoveryland, with a little smile. Later on that day, he had a big yellow file. No one could see what was in there, but I assume he is not working on POTC's rehab, but on more important projects...


    Minor updates are planned (but not yet scheduled) for Big Thunder Mesa, Phantom Manor, and the lake, wich really needs to be cleaned up...

    Pirate of the Carribeans update is planned, mainly because of the sword-fighters animatronics, they seem not to work for more than two days straight...

    Walt Disney Studios
    First of all, we are sure that this park will be developed until 2018.

    Front Lot
    An Imagineer (unknown) mentioned a complete rethematization of Front Lot to get a result close to DCA, beacuse this park needs a whole new placemaking.

    So much rumors about this lot! The strongest one is a rethematization in Marvel (Rock'n'Roller AErosmith would become AC/DC with Iron Man, ...). An Avatar ride may eventually come, but it seems very compromised.
    More on that later...

    Toon Studio
    Well, it's no scoop, but the Ratatouille ride is under construction. There will also be a restaurant (no info on the menu yet) in a little zone called "Rue de Paris". It will look like a typical Parisian street:

    The ride shall include new 3D technology, and we're supposed to bet rat-sized... Opening 2014

    Toy Story Playland
    Toy Story Midway Mania may come. One of the most uncertain rumors...

    Recently on the radio, Philippe Gas talked about a hypothetical third theme park... Well, with a bit of logic, we would assume that might be related to Marvel, due to the fact that Disney bought the rights... But, it would mean that Backlot won't be themed on Marvel, so let's wait and see, since there has been no more information on the third park.

    Also, and this is confirmed, the "Village Nature" are going to be built. This is not a park, but more a holiday destination. Located nearby the Davy Crockett Ranch, this is going to be like the "Center Parcs", a village in the forest, with several zones: a water zone, a sports zone... Opening 2016

    Finally, a water park is also under construction, and it may be one of the biggest in Europe
    Village Nature

    Well, I don't know if all of these were relevant to your interests, but that's the information I have for the futur constructions.

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    The Star Wars cantina is still a rumour, but yet we have so many clues (some are provided by Tony Baxter) that allow us to hope for it. Star Tours 2 has to come to France, as it is in the contract made with Georges Lucas. Also, Captain Eo has closed, so maybe we'll have something Star Wars related in it...

    And here are some picture of the upcoming Ratatouille:

    The previous pictures come from Marne-la-valée's town hall, where you can consult the official building licence.

    And this one is from DLRP Welcome:

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    Disneyland Paris will see a Ratatouille dark ride, Star Tours 2 and probably even a Star Wars Mos Eisley cantina coming to life in the next couple of years.

    There's hardly a more authoritative source for Disneyland Paris news on the web than Alain Littaye's 'Disney and more' blog! This is where you get all the good news:


    Alain also just re-released his brilliant classic Disneyland Paris book, you can buy it here:

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    Disneyland Paris expansion

    Status: under construction

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