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Local Name:
Avenger's Campus
26 Aug 2019
Construction Start:
Sep 2019
5 ha
  1. Well there is not much to see until the parks re-open, downtown Disney reopened yesterday and a large crane has been raised over the avengers campus site at DCA, which can be visible in the video below

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    Avenger's ride

    Looking at the Avengers Campus, and in particular, the new Avenger's ride, it looks like they've got something exciting planned.

    While the linked video from Park's Bros is speculation from months ago, they propose that it could be based upon a Vekomma Flying Coaster.

    Based on some of the concept art however, I'm actually wondering if it may be a robotic arm attraction (Dance with Robots at Futuroscope for example) that is within an immersive dome like screen using Kuka robotic arms.

    Depending on how literal the image can be interpreted, there's something about the independent depiction of the riders that could indicate they will move freely from each other. Note the 3 riders on jetpacks.

    Image linked from here:

  6. Update to park maps at Disney California Adventure, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Walt Disney World to showcase new construction projects.

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    The big project now that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has been completed and is humming along is Marvel Land aka Avengers Campus. The buildings are coming together. The Spiderman show building is most complete, and the rest of the land still has a fair amount of exterior work to go. The land opens late spring/early summer, so the crews still have a lot of work ahead of them!


  8. A look at Avengers Campus and the food and wine festival construction over at Disney California Adventure along with additional construction updates from Disneyland Park:

  9. A look at what is going on at Disney California Adventure park with construction on Avengers Campus, Cars Land, and Grizzly Peak:

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