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  1. Is there any info on what type of ride system the Tangled attraction will use?

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    Latest look at the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion project with notably:
    - lining around the shores of the Studios Lake,
    - progress on the swing bridge allowing floats to move between the marina and the lake,
    - World of Frozen starting to go vertical!


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    Ah, so there's a few things to note on these new pictures of the site:

    - Can we see track near the temporary structures alongside the 'Cars' route? This is most probably for the Frozen ride, however I'm not sure the tech used on the Frozen attraction in Epcot and if it requires actual track.
    - The bridge linking Arendelle with the other side of the lake (leading what will be the new restaurant) looks like a swivelling bridge which will allow boats or flotillas to reach the service area and/or Arendelle from the main lake.

    It's been a while since we've seen progress on here, so it's all great to see!

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    Thanks to Disneyland Paris Works on Twitter, we have a closer look at the “Project Lake Promenade” blueprints. This project is part of an expansion of Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris that will create a new promenade through the center of the park.

    New themed toilets will be added to the area. A “Tangled”-themed round ride will be at the end of the promenade. To one side of the promenade will be the updated Toy Story Playland entrance, across from the new English Gardens area. A floor rosette will be at the opposite end from the “Tangled” attraction, along with a food truck.

  6. Actual confirmations from D23 Expo yesterday:

    - New artwork for WDS garden area including confirmation of Rapunzel family-ride

    - New Pixar show in WDS for 2023

    - Disney Village 2.0 starting in 2023

    - Disneyland Hotel refurbishment to be completed in 2024. New Frozen Suite artwork was shared

    - 30th Anniversary celebrations extended until end of September 2023

    - No news on 3rd expansion land for WDS or new ride at Disneyland Parc

    All the details can be found here:

  7. Plans for Tangled-themed flat ride coming to Walt Disney Studios Park

    More details and images here:

  8. Quote Originally Posted by aTrueDisneyFan View Post
    I think the WEB slingers ride is an exact copy of the one at Disney California Adventure
    Pretty much. The only thing I see changed is they replaced the Guardians tower with an Avengers one in the last scene.

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