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    Huge progress at Avengers Campus this week!

    Iron Man LED Facade is being tested:

    Iron Man rollercoaster exit is being built:

    The Web Slingers wall (TOT Side) has been themed (red bricks):

    More red bricks theming:

    New metal structure where we can see the Web logo shape:

    First completely themed element of the land, a Meet’N’Greet at the entrance of the land:

    First themed fences for the limits of the land:

    Pym Test Kitchen final wall is being installed:

    Sources :
    and me.

  3. Lighting tests on the Iron Man circular facade with colors (not the final video on the facade) :

  4. First lighting tests on the Iron Man circular facade!

    And more red claddings on Web Slingers.

  5. Disneyland Paris is recruiting heroes and stunt performers for Avengers Campus!

  6. Avengers Campus will open in Summer 2022

  7. Red claddings being installed on Web Slingers!


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  10. New aerial photos of the Walt Disney Studios Expansion from @DLPReport

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