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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    I’m pretty sure WDS version of Galaxy’s Edge is only getting one attraction, and that it was Smugglers Run... not Rise.
    Tbh, I rather see a new land based on the lion king.
    I'm sure it was Rise of the Resistance - plans/permits had a showbuilding the same size/shape, artists' impressions show an X Wing in place of the Millennium Falcon, and I'm sure I heard a few times that the only ride they'd be getting will be ROTR. I hope so, anyway, ROTR looks incredible.

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    Cars Road Trip construction progress.

    Source: DLP Rescue Rangers |

  3. I’ve watched these two French YouTube videos. They mentioned that they know some DLP insiders who told them about these plans.
    And it makes sense since a whole Lion King land can be built with the budget of the ROTR attraction alone. Plus the Lion King festival is very popular at DLP.

  4. No.The projects are public, and we can see very clearly the building's dimensions, which are the same of Rise of the Resistance. Just to clarify.
    Smugglers Run has been immediately excluded because of the several languages spoken in Europe.

  5. I’m pretty sure WDS version of Galaxy’s Edge is only getting one attraction, and that it was Smugglers Run... not Rise of the Resistance. Tbh, I would rather see a new land based on the Lion King.

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    Any sources of this rumour? Honestly as long as the studios gets a third new land I will be happy. But rise of the resistance looks to be the best dark ride in the world so that would make sense to hugely increase attendance.

  7. Did anyone hear the rumors about building a Lion King land instead of Galaxy’s Edge? What do you think? Does anyone know if there is any truth in it?

  8. Other than Catastrophe Canyon, what other scenes will there be / rumoured to be?

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    Carolaux-Paradis, a local body shop, also remodeled and repainted the truck’s exterior and surrounding props at the Catastrophe Canyon scene, as well as the Studio Tram Tour’s vehicles. For Christophe Gomy, the shop’s co-owner who has worked with Disneyland Paris for 25 years on projects like the Space Mountain canon, the steady workload at the resort is more than welcome.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Hjalmar View Post
    No problem, my pleasure.
    That project is currently for 2036, according to the contract with the French Government. They have requested the extension of this so they can focus on updating this park before having a second Walt Disney Studios Park. That would really be a disaster.
    Wow, so they will expand the Studios Park and have another completely separate gate? That's awesome! We've only been visiting DLP for the last three years, but we love the set up. Cant wait to see what happens. Thanks once again.

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