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Delta Leisure Resorts
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on hold
Warri, Nigeria
300 ha
Sarner PFM
Sarner PFM
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  1. It would appear the persons posting this information on your site is the same person allegally blackmailing the project and in court for theft, forgery amongst other things.

    Delta State has not and did not invest $11m in Delta Leisure Resorts, in fact not a kobo of the state money has been invested directly in this resort. Every infrastructure provided for this resort by the state is accountable for. Delta State account are open to the public. For anyone interested they are free to visit the site themselvees for going on work. Those pictures are misleading and not the current representation of the situation on site or the project.

    Delta Leisure Resorts is a legally registered entity completely separated from Sarner UK and any other Sarner out there. The project has always made it very clear from the begining that Sarner UK and Ross Magri or any other Sarners out there were not the funders of this park but appointed contractors/consultants, like any other contractors and consultant working on the project. Delta Leisure Resorts is a Separate Legal Entity. As far as this project is concerned SarnerPFM Resorts Limited is a separate Legal entity from Sarner UK and a company fully registered in Nigeria and regulated in Nigeria not the UK.

  2. The only investor known so far is Delta State government and they have coughed out over $11m for the access road. Where are the foreign investors and let no one mention Sarner UK because they're just designers and planners of amusement parks and not investors. I wonder how they (Margri) allowed Sarner PFM to adopt the good Sarner name and logo.

  3. Can anyone name the proposed investors for Delta Leisure & Resorts?

  4. We have as much as possible partnered with big private investors in co-funding projects such as the multi-billion Naira OFN/Delta Farms, the N40 billion Delta Leisure Park, which on completion will make the Delta the tourist destination of choice. Some of these projects are the foundations of our hope of a better future in which other opportunities can become relevant in stimulating the prosperity of our State.
    Source Nigeria Guardian News:

  5. Attention to the last paragraph:

    Oyefusi disclosed that the prospect of what the project can do in turning the community around is shown with the development that has come up in Oleri in the last few months with government providing basic infrastructure like access roads and bridge.

    “It is a private initiative. The fund to build the park is coming from some few people. What the Delta state government gave us is the land. When we got here, there was no access. Now, it was only when they built this bridge to open up the place for us and the different communities out there. It is the contributing aspect of the government. The government owns 10 per cent of the park because of the land that they gave us.”

    She added that the company has mobilized capital for the project, “there is investment for the project, that is why we said watch our action. Let our action speak for itself. If you come back here before the year runs out you will see how far we have gone.”

  6. That doesn't look good. In fact, it looks abandoned.

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    This is how it looks on site these days!

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    Commissioner of Culture and Tourism, Richard Mofe-Damijo, explained that the Delta State commitment to give tourism prominence in the economic profile of the state, was a deliberate step to recreate a standard of living where all and sundry will benefit from the plethora of activities the state’s tourism master plan will accord the people.

    According to the commissioner, “The Delta State is establishing a world class wildlife sanctuary that will bring together human and wildlife experience in a nature enhanced environment, which combines the leisure of conservation, research, education, entertainment and recreation.

    Optimistic that the tourism haven will attract domestic visitors and tourists ditto their international counterpart, Mofe-Damijo added that aside the other tourists sites in the state, which are at hand getting government attention, the Oleri location for the Delta Leisure Resorts and Wildlife Park will open up the town and its suburbs.

    “We are explore every resources to make Asaba the city of the future because apart from its strategic position; having a unique topography and historic landmark, it’s also one of the fastest developing cities in Nigeria and of cause having one of the largest markets in Africa.

    “We in Delta State are optimistic that there is life outside oil and gas and this has become the new sung of Governor Uduaghan, who now sees tourism beyond oil in the state.”

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    Commissioner of Culture and Tourism, Delta State in a media chat shed more light on this. ‘We feel in delta state that there is life outside of oil and gas, the new mantra is ‘Delta Beyond Oil’ and this cannot be founded on anything else other than tourism. Tourism is a very major plan of ‘Delta Beyond Oil’ and that is why despite the challenges we face in this country, we have decided not to rest on our oars and pursue a tourism pro-active state and we have started to open our state. One of our most ambitious projects being embarked upon is Delta Leisure Resort which might be the biggest leisure project in this part of the world. One is at Oleri, Warri and a wildlife park in Ogwashi-uku.

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    Very interesting article. Source:

    Coming to Lagos was an inevitable part of the Delta Leisure Resorts’ presentation. After a launch in Asaba in April, it was time for the Lagos business community to get a feel of an upcoming project that would change the tourism landscape of the Niger Delta, and Nigeria as a whole. With two years left for the $250m projects to crystallise in Oleri and Ogwashi-Uku , the optimism within the external ball room of the hotel on June 6 was infectious. Besides, the project managers, Sarner PFM Resorts Limited, the tourism group of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry led by Mr. Goodie Ibru were also present on an evening that featured the Minister of Culture and Tourism Chief Edem Duke, Delta State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism Richard Mofe- Damijo, and the Delta Resort Chairman Abel Ubeku. Seated next to Chief Frank Okonta and Aduke Gomez, Ibru reaffirmed the chamber’s commitment to the project which was another giant leap in state’s tourism. Apart from changing the landscape of the oil-rich state, he said the upcoming projects would be viable investment options for the future by creating 6,000 jobs and divesting the state’s current dependence on oil revenue, a view previously expressed by the Delta State Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan during the foundation-laying ceremony earlier this year.
    Having started the Oleri-based project in 2009, MD of Sarner PFM Resorts Limited Princess Abiodun Awofusi gave some insight into the dual ambitions of the project. With a water theme park resorts and wildlife park resorts being expected by 2014, some progress had already been made.

    Already the state government had fulfilled its part of the agreement with the filling of the land and construction of an ornamented bridge.
    The project handlers were also ready to hit the ground running. Citing a research study on global tourism traffic, Awofusi said that with the population that would generate visits and entry fees already in place, it was very hard to feel pessimistic about the upcoming project.
    “We signed a ten-year sustainability plan to manage it from completion. The profit made at the end of the decade will be ploughed back into the project. It is a long term project and investors are not hoping to take their money after a year. There is a long term sustainability programme built into the project and from statistics shown, tourism can only grow, it cannot go backwards.”
    The evening also gave a peek into some structures that would form the hub of both projects. With 186 hectares of land housing a leisure park that would overlook the Oleri River, the master plan was for an international standard venue with an offering of innovatively-designed resort zones. Each of the numerous structures boasted its own content and themes.

    This was largely due to the success of this swing in other projects that had inspired the current designs for both structures.
    Apart from an 18 zone edifice replete with ample parking spaces, a retail village, theme parks and Africa cultural village, art trail, waterfalls, casino, sports village, restaurants and a cinema, much of the architecture will draw from Egyptian, American and African influences. There will also be shopping malls boasting a host of foreign and home-made brands.
    December 2014 is the tentative opening date for both venues. For now, the team is up to its ears in marketing and branding. In a bid to douse the usual fears acquainted with government projects, the road show will also continue to other states before leaving the country in a bid to woo foreign investors to be part of the projects.

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