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Local Name:
Delta Leisure Resorts
Construction Start:
on hold
Warri, Nigeria
300 ha
Sarner PFM
Sarner PFM
Ride Suppliers:
  1. Thank you for your detailed opinion Giwreh, this opened my eyes about theme park developments in general quite a bit!!

  2. There is very often a combination of partly fraudulent and completely unexperienced actions connected with starting to establish theme parks, that cannot be established, given a decent feasibility study.
    The risk already exists in the USA and Europe, so, this risk raises to exponential levels in Africa. In USA and Europe, MOST theme park dreams (including quite some master planning and expensive renderings) never take off, because they at least STOP before a massive amount of money is poured in the swamps.
    If this project never will take off really, probably massive land clearing, and soon abandoned roads, will have been build. Of course, in 2015, the local government can still decide to sell the land in parcels, for industrial and residential "opportunities"...

    Key question is not "who will be the investor for the park" !?

    First Key question is: can you build a park, following that masterplan, for the said $ 250 M ?? My answer is a clear NO, it's absolutely impossible within that budget. A fraction of the master plan: yes. A totally degraded real-reality version of the too spendid renderings from Sarner would probably be the associated outcome as well, budgetwise. I bet, those renderings were eye-blinding teasers for the local government. I could stick a buildable price tag on what we see on each of these renderings, and although the section from those 3 big marketing renderings do not even cover 1/50-est of the total masterplan, they would on themselves, already consume between $ 80-120 M to get build in the real world.
    There is a giant lie, towards the budget. I can assume, the local government was/is not really aware, or does not want to be aware anymore right now, of this reality. I do not want to walk the path of corruption straight ahead. We don't know this. But massive false development projections could be in place.

    Apart from a massive planning budget mishap:
    Second Key question is: what is the market feasibility (operation) of this venture? In other words, what will be the ROI? A theme park of this size, "above regional standard" on USA or European market base, needs a massive local market to support its viability. In Europe or the USA, no investor will ever begin a regional theme park, (= a size class under this one) if there is less then 3 million "local real spending" customer base, within 1 hour of travel time. Real spending: that is a statistical exercise based on the average income of the total target population. It already favors f.i. Europe, and defavors Africa. The "local real spending" customer base, probably will need to be way larger to fit in the feasibility then the average example in European calculations. Distance? It's not even on a spot near to city centers. Say, public transport, etc. Where is it mentioned in the master plan ???... It clearly is designed as the "everybody has a private car" dogma from the USA or Europe. That reality is not in place. Sarner did NOT made a fit design, nor worked on a fit location. Local reality, WHERE is that feasibility report? I have never seen it, I have never even heard one word about such an existence...

    Given a negative in the first key question, and a negative in the second key question, OF COURSE real investors, known with the theme park sector, will not show up. They can calculate.
    It's really a big expert job, making correct calculations. But massive mishaps in feasibility and in overall budgeting, are visibly with the naked eye to any sector related concept designer/planner. (I am one)
    Doing such bad jobs, will not help the economy, nor the reputation of a country, and neither of the companies linked to the venture.
    Nigeria absolutely is ready for one or more "real" theme parks, but within a locally (culturally and economically) FIT development process, not within a blind transplant of USA style businesses, and an outrageous false budgeting.


  3. Delta Leisure Resorts is a PPP project with the state government retaining 10% ownership through land contribution,access road, bridge and site clearing. This project is what the governor declared the state is supporting with N1.8bn. I think what is troubling here is the lack of due diligence and PR from both the state government and consortium.

    To the defender of this project, seek professional advise and consider the observations made in this forum by interested Nigerians as informative.

  4. This is also a big shame to witness what is happening here on a site developed to promote tourism and entertainment in different countries and bring to the forefront of the world the existing development going on in the industry, out of all the parks promoted on this site, it is only the park being built in Nigeria, Africa that Nigerians as a people have decided to attack and destroy.

    That not only speaks volume of us as a nation but say so much to the world.
    We are very cynical as a people before we can ever apply reasoning.
    We don’t even want to know where the lines draw on anything anymore.

  5. What the Governor said is that the project is being constructed through its developer SarnerPFM Resorts Limited - not Sarner UK. SarnerPFM Resorts Limited has made it absolutely clear on several occasions and to several media houses that the project is funded by private investors. And Yes the Governor also made that absolutely clear on several occasions.

    It is very good that people are very aware that we need entertainment parks like this in the continent of Africa to help it develop and diversify. So anyone that can build any park at any cost please do it and stop all these negative critics, destruction and campaign against a perfectly laudable project.

  6. I wish to suggest 15 different attractions that won't cost more than N450,000,000 fitted into 25 acres and surrounded by an ecological ice-rink to the investors of Delta Leisure and resorts. My suggested joyland boasts of quick (6 months) turn over. just give me a number to call or email.

  7. Newspaper publications said Sarner UK is the 250 million $ (40 billion naira) investor. It can't be denied because governor Uduaghan made that declaration to the public. He even added that the state government is only supporting the project by providing the land, road and I think a bridge with the sum of 1.8 billion naira which Sarner will pay back after the project is completed.

  8. You are very confused indeed!

    It is very obvious people like you are the ones destroying this country. Since you know so much about this project it would appear you already have the answer you seek.

    Perhaps you can ask Ross Magri and Sarner UK to help you out further, as you appear to know them very well and you were possibly the people who rubbish them on line recently as well.

    I would suggest you watch the development unfold. It might your help your self-destructive character and ingorance.

  9. 1. Ross Magri is not a director at Sarner PFM
    2. Sarner PFM is not a subsidiary of Sarner UK (why share the same logo)
    3. N1.8bn = $11.25m (its gathered that this sum has been budgeted/expended on the access road and on site by the state government)

    The question remains: who are the $250m investor(s)? The public needs to be aware who is making the investment, as we don't monies coming in from Iran (we don't want US trouble).

  10. Those were the pictures of 450 acres of land recently cleared, with over N200m in readiness for construction and not a kobo of it came from Delta State. Kindly ask for the pictures of the land before it was cleared.

    Perhaps you can help ask Sarner UK, how much they were paid for the concept work done on the project and who paid them? Asked the currently advertised masterplanners for both the wild life and theme park, how much they have been paid? Who paid them and if they are being owed any money? You can ask your so called blackmailer if they ever benefited from the project and why they continued to associate themselves with the project online if it was such a fraudelent project.

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