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Local Name:
Delta Leisure Resorts
Construction Start:
on hold
Warri, Nigeria
300 ha
Sarner PFM
Sarner PFM
Ride Suppliers:
  1. Where is the exact location of Delta Leisure Resorts on Google Maps or Google Earth?

  2. Here's a recent article about unpaid salaries that mentions Delta Leisure Park:

    Because of our drive, a lot of tourism and hospitality industries are now springing up in the state. The biggest is the $240 million Delta Leisure Park by a private investor in partnership with the state government.
    Source (Nigerian online paper):

  3. SarnerPFM Rejoinder: Where is our $317m Delta Leisure Resorts

    We refer to the article written by one Lucky Onoriode George on the 25th of January 2015, which was brought to our attention. It is a much-needed reminder of level of petty journalism the world is exposed to and an unacceptable abuse of social media by some self-proclaimed journalists who publish articles without any facts or grounds for their publication, or any ounce of integrity. It is a well-known fact what the art of blackmail entails so in order to paint the public a true picture, we have decided to address some of the false information in the article.

    The project is a PPP (Public Private Partnership) with the Delta State Government in which the government only provides land and makes available infrastructure to access the land in return for 10% ownership of the project. What then is the N50bn? The land or the infrastructure the government has not yet provided in its entirety?

    The same journalist had earlier written a similar fraudulent and malicious article against the project in a cheap attempt to blackmail the government and the project back on the 29th of June 2013, titled “More Worries for Delta State’s $550m Tourism Projects”. (
    From the earlier article and this his new publication, it is very clear that this journalist does not have a clue about the project, is not interested in the project and cannot be bothered to get his facts right. He is only interested in cheap blackmail, extortion and discrediting both the project and government as well destroying investment opportunities in this country.

    The Managing Director was approached by the author to sign an exclusive contract to cover all media and advertising relating to the project in his “tourism magazine”, which she blatantly refused, hence his personal vendetta against her person and the project, worst still he cannot even be bothered to get right the name of the person he is so fetishly attacking.

    Not only does the fact of both articles contradict themselves, the bodies of both articles are meaningless and baseless, a show of the worst kind of journalism even for an amateur - all these terrible journalists engineered and geared towards cheap blackmailing, and misleading the public.

    We do not wish to join issues with such unprofessionalism and illiteracy, as well as someone clearly suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    We are sure Delta State Government would soon respond to N50billion supposedly misappropriated/missing from its coffers perhaps they would be lucky enough to find it in the bank account of Lucky George and his accomplices at eTurboNews.

    If the author of these articles had even made slightest attempt to do some intelligent journalism, he would have realized that the total build cost of both parks and the entire project including land and infrastructure is N45bn. Reason and common sense then deduces that if N50bn was invested in the project by the Delta State Government, it would have been completed, opened and fully owned by the government.

    In conclusion, it is obvious that this flagrant disregard of journalistic powers was aimed to discredit the good works of the joint venture between the Delta State Government and SarnerPFM Resorts Ltd. The article has been written in bad faith, is libellous and wants to mislead the general public, at the same time, tarnishing the image of persons mentioned directly and indirectly.

    We also urge the media to kindly desist from using this project for any political means and to any selfish end, as we would not take it lightly, and think about the consequences of their journalism on the private sector and investment in Nigeria as a nation and Africa as a continent.

    Anyone interested in finding more about the project should please visit -


  4. Some years ago, the Delta State Government, Nigeria unveiled what it called, 'Delta Leisure Resorts', a tourism and leisure facility to be built at Oleri and Ogwashi-Uku, in Udu and Aniocha South local government areas respectively, but African Travel Times Magazine can authoritatively confirm that the projects have not been executed.
    However few months into the project, African Travel Times discovered that the supposed financier of the project, one Sarner PFM [Africa] was a non-existent company at the time the project was launched. This was the first hint that the project was a scam.

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    The Delta Leisure Resorts and Asaba Wildlife Parks in Nigeria have signed an agreement to use Gateway Ticketing Systems' flagship Galaxy product suite for ticketing and access control.

    "Delta Leisure Resorts were aware of Gateway Ticketing Systems' global reputation in the entertainment world for developing 'intelligent' ticketing systems, and as such were included within a 'process' to find and appoint the best company to consult, design and install ticketing and POS systems at the Delta Leisure Resort and Asaba Wildlife Park currently under construction," Howe said.

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    Theme park ride specialist Interlink has been contracted to play a key role in the development of a brand new resort attraction in Nigeria which, among other responsibilities, will see the company procuring 27 amusement rides of various descriptions for the project.
    "As well as supplying two of our own rides for the project," said Interlink managing director, John Hudd. "We will also be acting as consultants on the project and have been contracted to source all the theme park rides, along with being responsible for the breakdown of these in the case of used rides, shipping, build-up, ride operator training and ride maintenance.

  7. Is it true that Sarner UK stole (registered without consent and knowledge of the owners of the park) the website name-, and put up a webpage to advertise their association with this park? According to document, this was done while they were contract to do the concept design and without knowledge of their employer.

    I understand there is a criminal case of theft and fraud against them.

    This is why there is so much confusion on this project - has a page up that have nothing to do with the park and what it looks like. Whilst the official site is

    Why would such a self-proclaim so call reputable company want to destroy a project as well as associate with it. Very weird.

  8. From the same article:

    Project Supervisor of Sarner PFM, the firm executing the project, Princess Abiodun Oyefusi told the Governor the stage of the reclamation of land has been completed and first phase of construction will start in September.
    Dr. Uduaghan added: “I am praying that this project comes to fruition...

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    Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel has said that the Delta Leisure and Theme Park, Oleri in Udu Local Government Area, will provide employment opportunities for over 5,000 unemployed Deltans when completed.

    Dr. Uduaghan who stated this Monday when he was conducted round the site by the Project Supervisor, Princess Abiodun Oyefusi during an inspection visit of the progress of work said on completion, the Park would provide direct employment to over 5,000 persons in the state while others would get indirect employment from the various businesses that would shoot up from the park’s operations.

    The Governor who said that he was impressed with the progress and pace of work done so far reiterated government’s commitment to the completion of the project, saying “I am very happy that the firm carrying out the execution of the Park started earlier than expected; I am impressed with them and we will continue to give them the needed support. I am encouraged by the pace of work so far and I can say that, so far, so good.”

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