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Local Name:
Delta Leisure Resorts
Construction Start:
on hold
Warri, Nigeria
300 ha
Sarner PFM
Sarner PFM
Ride Suppliers:
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    Posted in February 2013:

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    Answering questions on the benefits of the park during a recent tour of the rite, Uduaghan said although the construction was yet to commence fully, it was already addressing unemployment in the state, as no fewer than 2,000 people were already making their living from the preliminary work going on, adding that when the project is finally completed, at least 5,000 will be engaged.

    However, African Travel Times investigations revealed that even Princess Oyefusi is not sure and certain on how to finance the 2 projects. At one time, she was talking of selling shares and at another saying some individuals and organizations have promised to finance them.

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    According to this entry on the resort's site it says "Construction of Self-Catering Villas to commence May 2013" it looks like construction is back in full swing

  4. I wanted to let you into some facts because you were misleading and clueless in your analysis for people like you will never see things good no matter what except you were put in charge but you will still mess up though.
    Ask if do not know, for you demonstrated your ignorance on every point.


  5. The park and the bridge is located across delta steel company (DSC).

    Those are not the images of the park. Please visit to get up to date information on the park and get a truth picture because this will help you a lot.

    Sarner UK are not the Master Planners or the designers of the park. Those are the conception images Sarner Uk generated during the concept stage.

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    Can someone point out the exact location of the theme park on the map below? Where is the bridge and the Sarner sign I can see on the photos?

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    Delta Leisure Resort renderings

    The three theme renderings Giwreh talks about:

  8. Wow! I have nothing else to add to these comments; it will appear that the commentators here are even more delusional than anticipated. Like they always say, football spectators are always the best players, until you throw them on the pitch.

    It has been proven here that the common sense is not so common after all!

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