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Cinecitta World
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Local Name:
Cinecittà World
20 Nov 2009
Construction Start:
24 Jul 2014
59 ha
Cinecitta Parks
Cinecitta Parks
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    2009 presentation video:

    Mascotte creativity contest (results will be published by the end of the summer)

    Some more artworks:
    Mermaid Statue

    Kids area entrance:

    10 inversion's station themeing:

    I was forgetting, the multimotion dark ride will be about Dante's Inferno!

    Official Website:

    This should be all for now

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    Forgot to link the first three phases masterplan:

    The rest of the photos of my last update are here:
    On Sunday I'll probably make another one

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    This should be the masterplan of the first 3 phases of the project (This is a reproduction I've made of a low resolution one appeared just for some hours on the construction company's website)

    The latest available masterplan for the current phase is here but it is outdated.

    Park's entrance (Temple of Moloch):

    Main Street (Gangs of New York):

    Western Area:

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    Cinecittà World is a new theme park located about 24Km from the center of Rome, although there isn't an official opening date yet, it is expected to open in April 2014.
    Cinecittà World aspires to be the largest theme park in Italy dedicated to the world of cinema, the project was presented in November 2009 and the first of the four stages of the project had to be inaugurated in 2011 (with the other three stages opening the following three years).
    Unfortunately the first actual works on the area began in 2011 to renovate the existing structures, while the actual theme park construction began in July 2012.
    The park is being built at "Dino Studios" created in the 60s by Dino De Laurentiis.
    In these Studios were filmed important movies such as Barabba by Richard Fleischer, Waterloo by Sergei Bondarchuck, Franco Zeffirelli's The Taming of the Shrew, The Voice of the Moon by Federico Fellini, The Bible: in the beginning by John Huston and many others.
    The creative design of the park has been entrusted to the three times Oscar-winning production designer Dante Ferretti (The Aviator, Sweeney Todd, Hugo Cabret, Gangs of New York), to achieve the best synthesis between cinema, culture and entertainment.

    Compagnie des Alpes (operator of ski lifts and several amusement parks in French among them Parc Asterix) will act as a business partner with a key role in the management thanks to their skills in theme parks.

    The current construction stage involves 23 hectares of land and will host 16 kids rides (with a little indoor park) 19 family attractions and 3 thrilling ones.
    Here the most notable ones:

    - 10 inversions Intamin Roller Coaster (Sci-Fi Themeing)

    - Mack Rides Super Splash (2 drops, Ben Hur theming)

    - Indoor Intamin Family Drop Coaster

    I made a 3d version of the layout:

    - Intamin Free Fall tower

    - Multi-motion Dark Ride

    - Panoramic Flight Simulator
    - Shooting interactive Dark Ride

    There isn't an official attraction list yet but I'm keeping track of them here.

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    Cinecitta World

    Status: under construction

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