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29 Jan 2015
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300 ha
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    On August 5, 2021 a construction land planning permit was posted on the Hengqin government website for Chimelong Wild Kingdom so as major construction for Chimelong Marine Science Park starts to wrap up, work on this might commence.

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    Chimelong has submitted a permit to use 25 hectares of woodlands atop a mountain across the street from Chimelong Ocean Kingdom to build the company's second "South China Rare Wildlife Species Conservation Center." Chimelong already has a conservation center near the under construction Chimelong Qingyuan Forest Resort. The animals living at the conservation center in Qingyuan will go on display at the forest theme park once it opens. The animals that will be living at this planned second conservation center will likely go on display at this park.


  4. It is understood that the most dazzling project in this groundbreaking ceremony is the super large animal kingdom with a total area of 300 hectares. Once again leading the latest trend of the world's wildlife theme parks.

    The Night Animal Kingdom is built on the southern slope of Da Hengqin Mountain, south of the Hengqin Ocean Kingdom. It is surrounded by mountains and the sea, and the scenery is magnificent. The opening hours are planned to be set between 17:00-23:00, based on the past, present and future. The three themes are clues. Through the establishment of dinosaur exhibition halls and other venues, the past prehistoric animals and legendary animals are displayed; the largest number of rare animals existing around the world are displayed; the habits of animals are creatively interpreted by high-tech and multimedia methods.

    The Night Animal Kingdom has set up a night boat tour area, a jeep driving tour area, a temple ruin tour area, a bat cave tour area, a rail car tour area, etc., allowing visitors to explore in various novel and interesting ways and angles at night , Experience scenes of night animal activities that are more fantastic than 3D movies.

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    Chimelong Wild Kingdom

    Status: Announced

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