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Local Name:
การ์ตูนเน็ทเวิร์ค อเมโ
27 Feb 2012
Construction Start:
16 May 2012
03 Oct 2014
6 ha
Amazon Falls
Amazon Falls
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  2. TEERA is offline Curious Chap
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    Dec 2022

  3. This seems to indeed be a re-theme and not a new theme park; pretty odd the newsreleases and other items faile to miss this.

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    This park sadly closed in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic and, in 2021, it was announced to be getting a rebrand into Columbia Pictures Aquaverse

  5. Open now!

    The world’s first Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark opens its doors to the general public on Friday, October 3, 2014.

  6. The Hong Kong Report Review of Cartoon Network Amazone:

  7. I was told it was supposed to open last year!?

    Does anyone know when it eventually will be open?

  8. Massive last-minute delay. Was supposed to open in a week's time. Scary.

    Although we still need more time to get every detail perfect, the park is looking fantastic and we’re looking forward to getting some valuable feedback from our pass-holders.

    "We are building much more than a world-class waterpark. We are creating an experience aligned with the dynamic universe of Cartoon Network, bringing its popular series and toon-stars to life like never before. So we want to be absolutely ready and will not open fully until we can guarantee that.”

    The Cartoon Network themed waterpark is scheduled to open to the public at the end of 2014.
    Source: Bloloop

  9. Cartoon Network Amazone is set to splash down near Pattaya on July 31, offering families a chance to swim and vacation with Cartoon Network characters all year round.

    The water park is located on Bang Saray on Thailand’s east coast or a 15-minute drive from Pattaya City.

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