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Local Name:
بوليوود باركس دبي
07 Sep 2014
Construction Start:
Feb 2014
15 Nov 2016
19 ha
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    Looking good at the end of January!


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    Retrieved from Google Maps on 12/30/2015:

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    Some pics I found on Twitter:


    Another angle of Bollywood Park's Rajmahal palace:

  4. With more than 50 per cent of the site-wide infrastructure in place, the multibillion dirham Dubai Parks and Resorts development is cruising along to its opening day in October next. Development costs on the future destination — which will feature as many as 100 rides and attractions from the opening day — is expected to hit the Dh5.9 billion mark by year-end.

    And each passing week will keep adding to the project milestones. By the end of the year, 65 per cent of the entire resort development, 100 per cent of the infrastructure for the projects and 99 per cent of the ride engineering and manufacturing are in line for completion.

    “At the 30 per cent mark itself of the project, we could say we have moved into autopilot mode,” said Raed Al Nuaimi, CEO. “Because by that stage and for a project of this scope, the major risks are behind it, because all of the design works have been done, the contracts ordered, etc.

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    More photos from the previous link posted:

    At a sneak preview tour yesterday, officials revealed that 11,000 construction workers currently building Dubai Parks and Resorts’ three linked theme parks near Jebel Ali had completed more than 50 per cent of construction work.

    Dubai Parks also said that 85 per cent of procurement, 71 per cent of project structure work and 50 per cent of resort-wide infrastructure had been completed.

    Driving around the 25 million square feet construction site in minibuses yesterday, visitors were able to see buildings and infrastructure coming out of the ground at Hollywood-themed Motiongate Dubai, Legoland Dubai and Bollywood Parks Dubai, all of which are due to open in October 2016.

    In the Bollywood park, the development’s centrepiece, a massive 800-seat theatre shaped like India’s Taj Mahal, is nearing completion and in Legoland Dubai the development’s first roller coaster has been installed.

    And in what will be the project’s main visitor car park, pieces of rides built overseas and shipped to Dubai are laid out waiting to be assembled like the pieces of Lego depicted in the attraction.

    Electricity to the site is up and running since rides have to be tested with a permanent electricity supply and district cooling has also been completed.

  6. Source:

    The three Khans of Bollywood – Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir – will have their presence felt in Dubai’s Bollywood Parks and visitors will be able to spend a full day with them for just Dh285.

    And those looking to spend time with their famous cartoon characters such as The Smurfs, Kung Fu Panda and Shrek in motiongate Dubai will have to pay Dh330 a day, while Legoland Dubai and Legoland Waterpark will be priced at Dh295 and Dh245, respectively.

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    As scheduled, Dubai Parks and Resorts will open its three theme parks in October 2016, making it the largest integrated theme park resort in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.
    “We will be opening three gates at the same time in 2016,” said Raed Al Nuaimi, chief executive of Dubai Parks and Resorts, said in the video released on November 8, 2015.

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    New Video

  9. I thought there was supposed to be 16 rides and attractions. See here:

    Based on the Attractions tab I counted the following:

    Ride/Attraction (5): Don 3D ride, Lagaan (maybe?), Sholay shooter game, You be the Star, and simulated flight.

    If we add the shows including what reads as "streetmosphere":
    Shows (8): Magik, Train Dance, stunt show, Folk/Regional Dance Show, theatre live shows during the day, theatre live shows during the night, multi sensory theatre attraction, and live dances.

    ... a grand total of 13 things to see/do and no coaster.

    Ticket price for this park better be LOW because it's already reading like a disappointing experience.

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