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Local Name:
بوليوود باركس دبي
07 Sep 2014
Construction Start:
Feb 2014
15 Nov 2016
19 ha
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    It says "all three parks" which includes the Bollywood park. I have no doubt all 3 parks will open on October 31st.

  3. No mention about Bollywood, wonder if that is close.
    I suppose it depends on how much is "ongoing." If you have major attractions out or even a land not yet open, that's not good visual for opening.

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    Looks like October 31st is the confirmed opening date but some work may be "ongoing"

    “We currently have close to 16,500 workers on site putting the final touches to the project,” said CEO Raed Kajoor Al Nuaimi.
    “As at the end of June, 93 per cent overall infrastructure construction was completed, with 84 per cent overall ride system and 80 per cent overall facilities construction complete. Show systems were 60 per cent completed, and we are within our targets for our opening in October this year.”

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    New video from Dubai Parks and Resorts. This is the full version of the shorter video which I was unable to embed last time. Has a lot of computer generated views over the park.

  6. Sholay on the upper right - the rest is theming for Rustic Ravine. I worked on all this in the design development phase.

  7. Tickets price

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    The final touches are being added to the beautiful Rajmahal Theatre.


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    An introduction to attractions in Bollywood Parks Dubai:

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    Rides unveiled at world’s first Bollywood theme park in Dubai

    Visitors to the world’s first Bollywood-themed amusement park will get to fly like Indian superhero Krrish and enjoy a lavish Mughal-style banquet when it opens in Dubai in October.

    The 1.7 million-square-feet Bollywood Parks, part of the Dh10.5billion Dubai Parks and Resorts complex, will have 16 cinematic rides, six themed restaurants and 30 live shows inspired by contemporary Hindi-language blockbusters, including superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s Don, Salman Khan’s Dabangg and Aamir Khan’s Lagaan, as well as classics such as Sholay and Mughal-E-Azam.

    Visitors will enter the park through “Bollywood Boulevard" to gain access to four other zones: Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza and Bollywood Film Studios.

    The park will also house the 850-seat Rajmahal Theatre, which will stage Broadway-style musicals.

    “We have tried to take all the ingredients that go into a Bollywood movie and pick evergreen classics for the park that will stay with the people," says Vinit Shah, chief destination management officer of Dubai Parks and Resorts.

    “We went directly to the production houses to talk about the films for the concept development and for insights for the story development for our rides."

    Immersive 3-D and 4-D rides and stunts will offer visitors a first-hand look at the behind-the-scenes action for movies such as Krrish and RA.One.

    The Bollywood Boulevard zone will be home to Rock On!, a restaurant with a live rock band recreating a scene from the 2008 film of the same name, starring Farhan Akhtar.

    In Mumbai Chowk, Don: The Chase, will bring to life the classic car-chase sequence from the film, while the Rustic Raven zone will shine the spotlight on movies with a rural focus.

    The Lagaan corner will be set up as a carnival, with a Ferris wheel, carousel and games. The ride Sholay The Hunt for Gabbar will have visitors fighting the “bad guys".

    The Royal Plaza Zone will house Mughal-e-Azam, a restaurant inspired by the classic 1960s film, with a sumptuous menu inspired by the Mughal era.

    The Bollywood Film Studios’ Hall of Heroes area will provide a sneak peek into the making of movies, including the coming-of-age drama Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Aspiring filmmakers and actors can also try their hand at filming a scene on site.

    Retail outlets such as Chalte Chalte, the Bollywood Studio store, Desi Emporium and Mumbai Bazaar, all of which will sell movie memorabilia and themed merchandise, will be found throughout the park.

    Thomas Jellum, the general manager of Bollywood Parks, said the park was created not only to attract Bollywood fans but people from all over the world who are curious about one of the biggest film industries in the world.

    “As a European, I find the concept of the park so unique," he says. “It has a flavour that is not too spicy and will be entertaining for everyone. A lot of people are already aware of Bollywood, and for them coming here will be a good education in the industry and what it has to offer, as well."

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