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Blue Planet
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    Part of the masterplan for Raha/Qiddiya Coast includes plans for an aquarium potentially named Raha Oceanarium. I'm not sure if the oceanarium is going to be in any way connected to Blue Planet or not. Notice in the background of the first rendering multiple dome structures and what appears to be waterslides and rockwork - that is Blue Planet so maybe it will at least partially be a waterpark.

    This is a rendering for the Entertainment Core between Blue Planet and Sea Dreams:

    This is a rendering of something called "The Middle". It's likely a residential/resort component that may or may not be connected to Blue Planet:


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    This thread is somewhat of a placeholder until more information is released for the second gate at Raha/Qiddiya Coast or whatever Qiddiya's upcoming development is named that's north of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The other gate is potentially named "Sea Dreams":

    Based on posts for Sea Dreams, one masterplan has a label for this project saying what appears to be "Blue Planet (Water Entertainment)". Another masterplan labels this as "Water Entertainment Area" and is categorized as "Theme Park".

    Between this park and Sea Dreams is the "Entertainment Core" for retail and dining.

    Sources of this information come from the Sea Dreams thread:

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    Blue Planet

    Status: Announced

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