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20 Sep 2011
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10 Jan 2014
27 May 2017
5 ha

  1. I can see all the pictures, videos and invited guests... do we already have any reviews of the Land, particularly the E-ticket ride?

  2. That would have been nice. A boat journey through the Land. As it is being completed (and I was one of the construction workers who worked on the project for one entire year) the river ride is only 4 minutes long, entirely indoors, but the Theme work in there and the UV paints are incredible. 25 days till Opening Day

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    Flights of passage ride seats and description of the ride.

    Flight of Passage is 3-D simulated flight over Pandora’s colorful landscape. Guests soar around floating mountains, plunge through ancient caverns and skim across roaring oceans, culminating in an encounter with the fiercest king of the air, the Great Leonopteryx that boasts a 45-foot wingspan.
    Finally, guests will have a chance to fly on the back of a Banshee, which represents an important rite of passage in the Na’vi mythology. After entering a state-of-the-art theater, each guest straddles a single-seat simulator (like a motorcycle) that delivers a realistic sensation of riding a living creature. Guests will experience the movements of flight and even feel the banshee breathing beneath them.

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