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Local Name:
Atlantis Ko Olina
15 Dec 2016
Construction Start:
11 ha
China Oceanwide Holdings, Kerzner (Atlantis)
Other Suppliers:
  1. Looks like Atlantis still coming, just looks like it may be a long while before anything starts

  2. Hi! I currently work at Ko Olina Resorts and it is now January 2020 and no construction has even begun; let alone been announced when or if it will begin anytime soon.

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  5. Still in Design Process. Permits not even submitted yet.

  6. Any news on this? Are resorts required to notify potential renters of construction?

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    As seen in this recent photo of the site during a storm no construction has begun but but an application for the resort's water use permit was filed in November 2018 (

    In depth look at the resort's design (you can click/tap on the images to view them full size):

    Sources: and

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    Yes those renderings are a LOT different than what we had originally found online. It is surprising that the powers that be in the Resort let them put out renderings that are so vastly different than what the general aesthetic has been in the Resort up to this point.

    It will be interesting to see if anything happens on the vacant parcel this year, especially in light of the allegations of scandal on another large China Oceanwide project in Los Angeles.

    Google something along the lines of: china oceanwide allegations bribes money laundering la, california....
    and there will be a number of online articles with more information about the FBI probe looking into real estate deals, possible bribes, kickbacks, etc. It seems like there is a possibility this could affect plans, timeline and viability for Atlantis Ko Olina, or at least for China Oceanwide to move forward with it given the troubles they appear to be facing on other large scale development projects.

    Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. No broken ground yet though on that parcel. I see it every day and once anything changes I'll be updating everyone and posting youtube videos of the development progress.

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    I just came across some great new concept art of the resort:

    This design is very different from the earlier concept art that had a more "classic" Atlantis aesthetic. Of course this concept art is not necessarily the final design either. Note that the large waterpark is closer to the street and the resort tower itself is right along the beach. In the first new concept art the beige/tan colored buildings in the back are Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa so the two resorts will be right against each other.

    Facts about the $1.8 billion Atlantis Ko Olina

    - Five star luxury resort with 1400 guest rooms
    - 1,000,000 gallon aquarium + snorkel lagoon
    - Aquaventure Waterpark to feature waterslides, lazy river and wave pool
    - Thirteen signature restaurants

    Sources: and

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