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Local Name:
Świat przygód
21 Jul 2011
Construction Start:
21 Jul 2012
on hold
230 ha
  1. Tala is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Nov 2015
    Filing for bankruptcy last September 2013, Adventure World Warsaw has now re-opened the construction site for negotiation.

    Peter Jan Mulder, CEO of AWW is quoted:
    Now we are negotiating the sale with a potential buyer, CMT, which is the project manager and designer, have re-opened the construction site to maintain the building permits and extend them. In the near future, if all goes well, we expect full-blown construction to be able to start. So if you ask me, the project is back on.

  2. I still remember how they already announced a second branch in Abu Dhabi long before they had secured funding for the first one. Serious businessmen act differently.

  3. Posted by 'David Bakas' on LinkedIn in November 2015:

    The Adventure World Warsaw theme park destination resort project is showing renewed signs of life as the shareholders are seeking investors to resurrect the plan in phases. Contrary to popular belief, Adventure World Warsaw never did go bankrupt in 2013 and the site and the government approvals for the project remain in place. The search is on for investors to jumpstart the project in phases, still planning for the outdoor and indoor theme park facilities as well as a year-round water park, resort hotels, and an entertainment complex.

  4. einde sprookje...finito...
    de beerput gaat binnenkort echt/verder open.....
    zal weer een grote zwendelzaak blijken!

    end of story ... finito ...
    the cesspool will soon really / further open .....
    will be another big scam case turn out!

  5. einde sprookje...finito...
    de beerput gaat binnenkort echt/verder open.....
    zal weer een grote zwendelzaak blijken!

  6. That's just temporary. The project will move forward.

  7. research007 is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    “It is with great sorrow that I declare that I have signed an application for the bankruptcy of AWW and its subsidiary firms,” Peter Jan Mulder confirmed on Tuesday, as cited by the Puls Biznesu daily.

    “Despite many attempts, it was not possible to build and finance the amusement park in Grodzisk Mazowiecki,” he stated.

    “This failure seems to be permanent,” he said, adding that AWW is unable to meet debts to creditors. Jan Pazio from Grodzisk Mazowiecki's town hall has said that there are still hopes that another investor might purchase the land and reignite the project.

  8. videoupdater is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Adventure World videos from the past

    From July 2012:

    From October 2012:

  9. The project is on hold until the middle of August because of a re-design (splitting the project in parts). The redesign is needed to obtain long term financing.


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