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Adlabs Imagica
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Local Name:
adlabs कल्पिका
25 Jan 2013
Construction Start:
18 Apr 2013
32 ha
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    Dear Mr. Shetty,

    Its a very imaginative and high-end project which needed to be culminated in India finally as this kind and magnitude of project as it is first of its kind in India and it takes guts to take up such a project at this juncture of your life where people tend to take retirement but you are up again with a challenge to prove yourself after you have already been there and done that in your respective field.

    This project is highly ambitious and it need imaginative minds and hospitality departments to execute this project as this will be the things which will earn goodwill and customers for your Theme Park.


    Amish Dalal

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    Adlabs Imagica will be a spanking new theme park facility, located at Khalapur on the Mumbai Pune Expressway after Panvel, with a water park and a hotel in the pipeline. The total project is a Rs 1650 crore investment spread across 80 acres of land “celebrating the Indian legacy of storytelling.”

    Pooja Shetty Deora, who heads the film production company ‘Walk Water Media’ is the daughter of Adlabs Chairman Manmohan Shetty, who established Walk Water Media in 2007.

    “If you look at the underlying theme of Universal Studios it states ‘Ride the Movies’, in Disney it is about fairy tales and the magic of Disney. Here at Adlabs Imagica we are telling you five or six different stories in a format you have never experienced before. It is an immersive experience,” said Pooja.

  3. Coaster manufacturer Premier Rides posted on their Twitter on Feb 19:

    "Final boarding call for Adlabs Imagica!"

    Proves the coaster parts were still in the US a few days ago. Conclusion: the park will NO WAY open this spring!

  4. It's near the 1st toll plaza which going from Mumbai to Pune

  5. Is it true that the park is located in Khopoli? There's so little info on their official website!

  6. The proposed 300 acre site is located between Mumbai and Pune on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The park can accommodate as many as 20,000 visitors at any given point in time. Shetty is targeting to host over above 3 million visitors in the first year of operations.

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    According to this article, the park will open this spring:

    There are many who think that it is tough to please Manmohan Shetty. His daughter, Pooja Shetty-Deora, certainly does. The man, along with his two daughters Aarti and Pooja (married to politico Milind Deora), has been working relentlessly over the last two years to bring to life his latest revolutionary concept, an international standard entertainment theme park near Mumbai. But, even as work on the park is nearing completion with the final testing taking place, he is not happy. “Not to say that I am not proud of the effort put in, I just wish we could have opened this month itself,” says Shetty, looking at the blueprint of his dream project that resides like a mural art in his cabin. In three months time, the amusement park (whose execution began in May 2012) will be able to play host to 20,000 visitors a day. “For a project of this magnitude, I think we have a done a good job. To mobilise resources and get them working towards a goal is an achievement in itself,” says his daughter Pooja.

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  9. research007 is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    It’s been known for a while that Adlabs Entertainment are planning on building a”world class” theme park on the outskirts of Mumbai but details have been exceedingly difficult to find. Currently the only known roller coaster is a new Premier Rides launched ride and even that has been kept heavily under wraps. Recently job adverts have gone up for positions at the park with the location being listed as Khopoli. One advert describes the project below.

    “The company is developing a “state of the art” Theme Park in the outskirts of Mumbai on the Mumbai – Pune Expressway, comparable to global theme parks. The project is conceived as a destination for tourism and entertainment and is spread over 300 acres, offering a combination of a state of the art Theme Park, Water Park, 3 Star family Hotel, Retail, Dining & Entertainment area (R,D&E). India is yet to see a ‘Theme Park’ in the size and experience of the global Theme parks like Disneyland. This project promises to develop one on the scale and magnitude as once to match global standards.”

    The park certainly sounds promising and with big names like Premier on board I have high hopes, The park is due to open next year. and although there are still no construction shots. I shall endevour to keep you updated.

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