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  1. Anonymous Guest
    This work was done years ago, probably when the Warner Brothers Abu Dhabi theme park was first announced. They called it Project 777. Source:[gallery5]


  2. Anonymous Guest
    It's been a tardy start. Here is an NBC article dating back to April 2008 which talks about exactly the same project:

    This image provided by Warner Bros. shows a copy of an ad that appeared in local language newspapers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) promoting a new theme park.

  3. Anonymous Guest
    Finally moving forward!!

    17 September 2014 6:56 GMT
    Contractors bid for Warner Bros theme park in Abu Dhabi

    Warner Bros Development will have 19 themed rides

  4. Wuhan Hattan is offline Park Investigator
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    Jul 2014
    Photos taken July 29th, 2014:

  5. Anonymous Guest
    Any update?

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Construction hasn't commenced yet.

  7. hishaam619 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Updates on this project please.

  8. Anonymous Guest
    Found this in

    Name : Warner Brothers Theme Park Project - Yas Island More...
    Description : Construction of a Theme Park comprising gaming arcades and multiplex cinemas.
    Territory : Abu Dhabi
    Updated : April 20, 2014
    Status : New Tender

  9. khalid is offline Newbie
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    Hi could you share the name of the consulting company and has any contractor been awarded yet?

  10. Anonymous Guest
    Not yet, but the park is very much going ahead. Project manager and consultants are already on board!

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