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  1. Anonymous Guest

    Anyone knows if they started recruiting yet?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. wana is offline Newbie
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    Warner Brothers

    WB Movie World territory in between Yas Waterworld (foreground) and villas (background). No construction yet.

  3. Anonymous Guest
    Have a friend working for ALDAR. The decision to revive it was taken fairly recently.

  4. Anonymous Guest
    What's your source that it is confirmed?

  5. Anonymous Guest
    It'll finally go ahead, it's confirmed.

  6. thethemeparkguy is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Here's the location of Abu Dhabi's future Warner Brothers park, right behind Yas Waterworld:

  7. research007 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    The proposed arrival of Warner Bros, the Hollywood entertainment giant, with a theme park in Abu Dhabi, is sure to position Abu Dhabi as a world-class place that has it all and in time, tourist arrivals in the UAE are expected to witness strong growth, say market Analyst.
    Aldar, Abu Dhabi Media and Warner Bros, together in their joint statement mentioned that the alliance covers creation of the theme park, jointly owned multiplex cinemas and a hotel, and formation of a joint venture to finance films, to develop and publish video games, and heralding the growth of new media in the capital.

  8. admin is online now Administrator
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    Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

    Status: announced

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