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  1. Anonymous Guest
    Increased the size:

  2. Anonymous Guest
    Universal Studios Moscow concept art!!

    More "Universal Moscow" art, but these look like for an outdoor theme park, suggesting there were other ideas circulating besides the indoor mall park that has been announced:

    Image sources:

  3. Annino is offline Newbie
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    All photos were taken this week. Nothing has happened so far. The metal structure / construction on the first two photos has been there for the past two years already, nothing new.

  4. Anonymous Guest
    On hold? Why? Related to the political upheaval, or for other reasons?

  5. Anonymous Guest
    The mall, hotel and arena are moving forward. The theme park portion is on hold.

  6. alien_1020 is offline Park Investigator
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    Any update about that park?

  7. research007 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    In addition, in December 2012, the Moscow Urban Planning and Land Commission approved the construction of a hotel and business complex in the south of Moscow. The complex is intended to host a theme park for Hollywood's Universal Studios.

    The Russian partner in the project will be BIN, and the investment in this single park will be triple that of DreamWorks' three projects up to $3 billion. Construction is slated to begin shortly.

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    Universal Studios Moscow site update

    Pictures from my balcony, taken on 27 March 2013:

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    The website is offline. Developer can't pay provider?

  10. Anonymous Guest
    Didn't find much, the developer company's website is down

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