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универсальные студии
12 Apr 2012
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Moscow, Russia
19 ha
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  1. Insider scoop. It won't get built. Wait and see.

  2. Nope. Going ahead.

    According to Russian media reports, NBC Universal could break ground on its own Moscow-based theme park in the works for years early next year. All three parks are scheduled to open in 2018.
    The entertainment and retail segments are doing well in Russia despite the overall economic downturn, making projects of that kind popular with investors.

    So popular, in fact, that NBC Universal and DreamWorks are going ahead with their separate theme parks despite NBCU's takeover of DreamWorks Animation earlier this year.
    Source: Hollywood Reporter (they would know)

  3. What happened? Cancelled?

  4. Is this still a go? I know a lot of Universal guys who were busy with this park a couple of years ago..

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    The metal structure visible on the pictures from November 2015 has now been removed. Not sure if this means progress, though.

  6. Both Universal Studios Moscow and DreamWorks Russia still going ahead:

    Following the announcement last month that NBCU will take over DreamWorks Animation, there was an expectation that the two companies' Russian theme park projects could be combined.

    However, NBCU has confirmed that it is going ahead with its Moscow project. "The project is still on, but we do not have an update," NBCU's spokesman told The Hollywood Reporter, adding that it "is not connected with any other project."

    An agreement between NBCU and the Moscow city government about the construction of a Universal theme park in the southern part of the Russian capital was signed back in 2011.

    According to earlier reports, construction was to begin in early 2017, with BIN Group as the developer.

    DreamWorks' theme park, Dream Island, is scheduled to enter the construction stage later this year to be inaugurated in 2018.

    Developed by the group Regiony, it is part of a larger project that also includes similar theme parks in Russia's other major cities St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. According to Russian press reports, the total investment in the project may amount to $2.1 billion.

  7. Rusicom will start construction of Universal Studios Moscow in 2017.

  8. Are these road works just a rumor circulating among neighbors, or was there an official, written announcement?

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    Preparations or even the project stage has begun, as residents adjacent to the site were informed that their buildings would be surrounded by new roads from all sides.

    Up-to-date pictures, taken today, November 8th, 2015:

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    Universal Studios construction in South Chertanovo, Moscow will begin in 2017 and is said to open five years later.

    Construction of the theme park of the American film studio Universal Studios in the south of Moscow will begin in 2017, said the agency urban news "Moscow" Moskomstrojinvesta chairman Konstantin Timofeev. The official said that the design of the park in the Southern District Chertanovo has not yet begun. The process of building the theme park is estimated at five years. Thus, the opening of the Universal park will be no earlier than 2022.

    "This year we have approved their draft plan, which was approved as part of a project surveying. At this stage, the investor can build, said Timofeev. If they finish the concept of the park this year and the design next year, they may move on-site, I think, in 2017. They've got 1 million square feet to built on, this is a huge area, it will take at least five years to complete."
    Read more here:

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