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  1. Anonymous Guest
    With so many theme parks underway in Dubai right now, why isn't this one being revived? I believe Tatweer or Dubai Properties have continued paying the agreed licensing fees after construction came to a halt in 2009. But what happened then? A fully designed Universal park tailor-made for Dubai's culture and climate --- not worthy moving forward?

  2. Anonymous Guest
    Fox World Dubai will be built on or adjacent to the (former) Universal Studios Dubailand location:

  3. Universal8 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    The website isn't up anymore. It just shows a white screen.

  4. Anonymous Guest
    Wait, if 20th Century Fox World will be built at or around this site, could Universal restart, too?

  5. Anonymous Guest
    I may have crashed into a fence for the former Universal Studios Dubailand. Saw a bulldozer at the site, nothing too big to report.

  6. Anonymous Guest
    While Dubai Parks & Resorts rises in Jebel Ali, the former Universal Studios Dubailand site continues to bake in the sun, abandoned:

  7. Ahmed Aalmrzooqi is offline Curious Chap
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    Move to another location

  8. Anonymous Guest
    It's officially over. Demolition of the Universal Dubailand site office:

  9. research007 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Asked how Dubailand, a multi-billion-dollar entertainment and leisure district with theme parks being the priority, was positioning itself now, Al Habbai said: The vision still hasn’t changed… Dubailand will be one of the top destination in Dubai. We will butterfly garden, IMG theme park, lost valley by end of December.”

    He added that most of the project either by DPG and other private investors were on track and expected to be completed before 2020.

    Dubai Holding, Al Habbai revealed, was in discussion with Universal Studio to host a theme park in Dubailand.

    “Dubai Holding is in discussion with Universal,” he said, without giving any details.

  10. Anonymous Guest
    It's not even under construction. This is how it looks like today:

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