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  1. UAEwatch is offline Park Investigator
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    Dec 2015
    Universal Studios Dubailand getting moldy in the desert:

    Retrieved from Google Maps on 12/30/2015:

  2. Anonymous Guest
    Anything on this?

  3. Anonymous Guest
    With so many theme parks underway in Dubai right now, why isn't this one being revived? I believe Tatweer or Dubai Properties have continued paying the agreed licensing fees after construction came to a halt in 2009. But what happened then? A fully designed Universal park tailor-made for Dubai's culture and climate --- not worthy moving forward?

  4. Anonymous Guest
    Fox World Dubai will be built on or adjacent to the (former) Universal Studios Dubailand location:

  5. Universal8 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Jun 2015
    The website isn't up anymore. It just shows a white screen.

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Wait, if 20th Century Fox World will be built at or around this site, could Universal restart, too?

  7. Anonymous Guest
    I may have crashed into a fence for the former Universal Studios Dubailand. Saw a bulldozer at the site, nothing too big to report.

  8. Anonymous Guest
    While Dubai Parks & Resorts rises in Jebel Ali, the former Universal Studios Dubailand site continues to bake in the sun, abandoned:

  9. Ahmed Aalmrzooqi is offline Curious Chap
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    Sep 2014

    Move to another location

  10. Anonymous Guest
    It's officially over. Demolition of the Universal Dubailand site office:

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