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30 Oct 2014
Construction Start:
17 May 2016
19 ha
The Oriental Land Company
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
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    Exciting! These two supports mark the future spot for Beauty and the Beast castle!! Just confirmed with a CM

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    Toon town gate

  4. Anonymous Guest
    The new expansion (according to my calculations) will cover over 44 Acres!!!

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    New Fantasyland

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    It has been confirmed that It's A Small World is at least undergoing a 12-month-plus renovation which is set to add an additional 40 audio-animatronics.

    Is the Tomorrowland Mini-Expansion still going to happen as well?

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    It has also been reported that "It's a Small World" is going to be demolished, relocated, & rebuilt. It seems like it said it was due to the building itself.

    A story in the Nikkei Asian Review reports that Tokyo Disneyland is about to undergo a partial renovation that will introduce a large attraction based on Disney’s mega-hit Frozen. As part of the construction, that park’s version of “It’s A Small World” may get moved to make way for the Frozen attraction.

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    Are those cranes? It also appears that a wall/barrier has been constructed along the Tomorrowland Side.

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