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Local Name:
Galaxy's Edge
15 Aug 2015
Construction Start:
14 Apr 2016
29 Aug 2019
10 ha
  1. fandangofett is offline Park Investigator
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    What could that big Silver Ball in in the Merchants row area? It's on the 8th picture down.

    New Photos from @bioreconstruct on Twitter (

    It's really coming together. Nice Shots of the interior falcon support. Looks like you may be able to walk in there at some point. This is really looking nice!

  2. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    1/14/19 - #SWGEFL as seen from a helicopter flyover.

  3. Late August / Late October opening perhaps?

  4. Disneyland made the programming and construction the attractions a priority over the rest of the land. So there's no frame of reference. Some structures were complete at WDW that hadn't gone vertical yet at DL. I think they're about 4 months apart.

  5. This isn’t entirely accurate. Both parks started on separate things first. Some things are further along in DHS than Disneyland

  6. Walt Disney World’s appears to be around 78 days (11 weeks) (2.6 months) behind Disneyland’s...

  7. First one is the overall construction at about the same point. 4 months apart.
    Second one is the Falcon construction, about 2-1/2 months apart.

  8. Based on this they seem to be about 2–2.5 months apart

  9. General Hux is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    How far behind is Holywood Studios Galaxys Edge?

    When I last made an estimate a year ago, it looked like they were about 4 months apart. Does anyone have any good estimates of how far apart they are now?

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