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Local Name:
Construction Start:
Muscat, Oman
Al Jarwani Group
Snow Park Muscat LLC
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
LDP, Majan Engineering, Unlimited Snow
Alemco, ID Works, SMC, Unlimited Snow
Ride Suppliers:
Eurogames, SB International, Showgames, Sunkid
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    After a lot of digging around I found that the Snow Park (it's name is actually Snow Village) is not yet fully opened but expects to be by the end of the year, the smaller parts of the park are open and I found they have an Instagram page. For a tourist attraction they sure were hard to find details on!

    From what I can see online the parts that are open are the tube slide with the large airbag at the bottom, the small children's snow play area and the cafe (which has the ski lifts in) There does not seem to be anything else open.



  2. Is the snow park open now?

  3. What's the price for entry?

  4. I have visited the mall yesterday and the snow park is opening it's doors to the public on Friday, 26th of July 2019.

  5. What's the status? When will the Snow Park open to the public?

  6. Construction pictures of mall and snow park (note that the mall has since opened):

  7. Not sure what happened to the snow park and why it hasn't opened yet.

    Here some pictures of the aquarium:


  8. Mall of Muscat promo video:

  9. In what could boost both tourism and retail in Oman, the much-awaited Mall of Muscat will officially open on April 15 in Mabela.

    The mall will open along with the largest aquarium in the Middle East.

    Speaking to the media, Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Hashil al Jarwani, board member, said nearly 86 per cent of the shops have been leased till date and 73 per cent of these will be ready at the time of opening of the project.

    The mall will also have Qatar’s Nova Cinemas, which will have 14 screens including two VIP auditoriums, one MX4D, one Dolby cinema, one kids cinema and nine regular cinemas. It also houses a leisure city with a number of early education and entertainment centers for different age groups. The later phases of Mall of Muscat will see the opening of the Snow Park and some other features.

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