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  1. Anonymous Guest
    Exactly, Six Flags is coming, funding is secured. And those pictures don't mean much. I went to IMG mid-march and the parking was looking like that as well. But there were people in the park (not much, but expected for a weekday). People tend to go out during the evening and on weekends.

  2. Anonymous Guest
    first of all, It is under construction secondly, the parks are newly opened and the parking a lot of dubai parks is inside not near the gate, I went their last weekend and it was crowded.

    the agreement is already singed and is been followed up by hh sheikh mohammed bin rashed, so plz no more rumors

  3. Anonymous Guest
    Don't expect Six Flags to see the light of the day.

    The Theme Park Guy has just posted this on Twitter:

    Dubai Parks and IMG parking lots are deserted!


  4. Anonymous Guest
    The different packages for the project are being tendered, so it will still be a while before you'll see actual progress on site.

  5. Anonymous Guest
    This appears to be rather slow progress since groundbreaking:

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  8. Anonymous Guest
    the people who were let go were from high positions as VP's down to low levels
    Even theme park GM's were laid off. DPR turnover is so much lower than expected, they were too expensive.

  9. Anonymous Guest
    A press release has been sent this morning regarding the future opening of a Legoland Hotel next to the park.

    The 250-room hotel is being built on 300,00 square feet of land and will have easy access to Legoland Dubai and Legoland Waterpark.
    Six Flags is also confirmed for a 2019 opening.


  10. Anonymous Guest
    DPR has laid off about 300 +/- staff, they have given the staff one month notice. the people who got let go were from high positions as VP's down to low levels. F&B, retail, and Ops heads were among them. These aren't rumors, they are accurate information from few of the staff that were let go. An announcement will be made very soon, due to the poor performance of the parks and to lower the running costs.

    In regards to six flags getting cancelled, those were rumors that other guy mentioned a couple of comments before me. My reply is only on the staff.

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