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Local Name:
Former Name(s):
World of Water, Shanghai Polar Ocean World
25 Apr 2012
Construction Start:
29 Mar 2015
16 Nov 2018
30 ha

  1. Targeting a 2017 opening, the park must have broken ground by now. Any construction pics?

  2. Here's more, but that's not a Gary Goddard design. Looks like they had several designers on the project.


  3. According to this site, it's on the other site of the Dishui Lake:

    Image source:

  4. A slightly different design found on this site:

    Precise location here:

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    In Shanghai China, The Goddard Group is currently designing Polar Ocean World, a marine-themed cultural park that will contribute to Shanghai’s overall tourism agenda. It is a project of the Haichang Holdings Group. The park will be built on a 300,000 meter site situated next to Dishui Lake.

    Polar Ocean World is scheduled to open in 2017 and will be Haichang’s seventh polar-themed destination in China. The park features 13 exhibition halls, four large animal encounter areas, 18 rides, cinemas, and more. The focus is to combine entertainment, ecology, and scientific research.

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    Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

    Status: announced

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