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  1. The question is whether this 'production center' will be accessible to the public.

    Screamscape just posted a patent for an innovative Monster Inc dark ride design that will supposedly go to Shanghai Disneyland:

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    Shanghai Disneyland on-site preview in 2nd quarter 2013?

    Shanghai Disneyland will feature a production center, which will showcase some of the technical and creative wizardry, which will be used at the site, the company said on Friday.

    The first of its type in Asia, and scheduled to be open by the second quarter of 2013, the center will become the "heart" of show production for Shanghai Disneyland, the company said, highlighting the park's most complex technology before it is permanently installed within the theme park, the company said.

    The 3.9-sq-km Shanghai Disney resort will be the world's sixth Disney amusement park and the first one on the Chinese mainland.

    Total investment is expected to hit 24.5 billion yuan ($3.84 billion) on the park and 4.5 billion yuan on hotels and accompanying retail, dining and entertainment facilities.

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    Well I put them there according to their shapes and they do perfectly match with the layout of the whole resort map.
    So I am 95% sure about their locations.

  4. This is awesome detailed work, Luke! Are you certain of the locations of the two hotels?

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    I put together all the plans released(or leaked) till now to provide a better view of the whole resort.

    More updates at:

  6. Digging now...

    But if I'm not mistaken this pic is already one year old:

  7. SHANGHAI Disneyland will have a hotel in the shape of a flat "8," which is an auspicious figure that means prosperity, wealth, and success in China, according to an environmental evaluation report posted on the environmental authority's website for public discussion.

    The Disneyland hotel is located west of the amusement park in the Pudong New Area, according to a map released online.

    Workers have started planting trees around the land for the hotel, which is designed with seven floors and covers some 44,900 square meters.

    The report, which studied the hotel's light impact from its glass wall, showed that the hotel will use hollow glass with a light reflectivity factor lower than 20 percent, meaning it will limit light pollution for the public and cars driving on Hulu expressway, which is west of the hotel.

    Also, the Shanghai Bureau of Planning and Land Resources has announced it will sell land use rights for two government parcels to the Shanghai Shendi Construction Co, the Disneyland builder.

    The two pieces of land, one 8.09 hectares and one 6.47 hectares, were sold for 76 million (US$12 million) and 60.8 million yuan, respectively.

    Shanghai Disneyland is due to open at the end of 2015.

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    Disneyland metro details (source: Shanghai Daily)

    AN exclusive Metro line serving Shanghai Disneyland visitors will be built and put into service in 2015, the same year the amusement park opens to the public.

    The new line is a 9.15-kilometer extension of Metro Line 11, starting from Luoshan Road Station in Pudong and ending at the Disney Resort with three stations in between.

    The planned Disneyland Station will feature cartoon figures, such as Mickey Mouse. Passengers can enjoy the park's views through large vaults of the semi-underground station.

    The project has been approved by authorities, according to a report in today's Jiefang Daily.

  9. Interesting article about the Pirates of The Carribean ride at Disney and more:

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