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12 Jan 2009
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08 Apr 2011
16 Jun 2016
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  1. Shanghai Disneyland castle, just leaked on News plus Notes and Disney and more:

  2. directly from the site offices in Shanghai, the project of the Castle!

  3. I hear: there are some 14,000 or more piles being put in the gound to stabilize the soil. This is where the Disney money is going - mostly underground! Also there is gross mis-management in the Shanghai office - trying to adjust Disney's congenial and collaborative culture to China is a giant undertaking. The project is already more than a year behind. The site is some 2.5 hours away from where some of the unionized unskilled and skilled labour lives - watch out for mass labor strikes and no shows. Remember the chinese govt is the major stakeholder - so chinese rules govern!

  4. Hotel construction begins at Shanghai Disneyland (source:

  5. Always great to read Bob Weis' blog:

    He's the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering and in charge of Shanghai Disneyland. Here are some recent posts:

    View from the Shanghai Disney office:

    Bob Weis in Business Class on route from LA to Shanghai:

  6. What's happening on the ground? Anything to see yet?

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    From LinkedIn sources:

    Responsible for the delivery of the Retail, Dining and Entertainment facilities for the new resort, including a 1200 seat grand proscenium theater.
    Participated in pre-contract negotiations, providing voice of consumer input and foundational data that influenced US$4.4 billion of investment decisions and design parameters.
    Spearheaded demand research to size the market, reduce initial risk, and justify investment for expansion plans.

  8. TTG Asia: How’s the progress of Shanghai Disney Resort?

    Disney's Randy Garfield: We are still in the early stages of construction, which is moving on schedule. We are also building our marketing sales team as well as the operations team. The staff strength is growing bigger and bigger closer to the opening. We hired Wang Yan as vice president, sales and distribution marketing of Shanghai Disney Resort. She’s got a long history working in the travel industry, and she’s pulling together her sales team as we speak.

    Strategy-wise, we are in the discovery phase, formulating our marketing and sales strategies, doing consumer insight research and planning our work before we work our plan. The trade will continue to play a significant role in the success of Shanghai Disney Resort, just as it has been for HKDL and every other theme park product that we have.

    Philosophically, the strategy is to identify and work with partners whom we believe have a strong, established track record and generating regional demand, and similarly for the MICE side with different players.

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